Board Improvement Plan for Student Achievement

CDSBEO has recently reviewed the Board Improvement Plan for Student Achievement (BIPSA), based on the needs of schools and available data. The existing plan focuses on maximizing effectiveness at the system level to help improve achievement for all students. The plan sets goals that will allow CDSBEO to move forward and achieve higher expectations from year to year. The three stones from the Board strategic plan continue to guide the overall framework for the Board Improvement Plan, which focuses on Achieving Literacy for All, Living our Catholic Faith, and Making Resources Matter.

Superintendent of School Effectiveness, Natalie Cameron, and Principal of Curriculum, Brent Bovaird, presented an overview of the changes to BIPSA to the Board of Trustees.

“The Board Improvement Plan is reviewed and revised on an annual basis, which allows CDSBEO to create alignment throughout the system, and to increase levels of achievement,” explained Superintendent Cameron. “The data helps to guide the refinement of our goals, and to provide an evaluation of our progress in meeting those goals.”

Each area of the strategic plan has a focus, theory of action, baseline data and goal. This allows for measurable, specific monitoring of student achievement.

Mr. Bovaird added, “Each Board department annually reviews priorities, which are presented in the form of an action plan. These priorities are linked to the strategic plan, and are based on the needs of the system. The creation of department action plans allows us to streamline our objectives, projects, and future plans, to ensure that the direction is concise, focused, and always unified for student achievement outcomes.”

In addition to board department plans, BIPSA is also linked to each school improvement plan, and a framework has been implemented that will allow the system, school principals, their teams, superintendents and consultants to work together. The framework will encourage group discussion around school data for student achievement, and improve networking between schools. This type of collaboration will encourage and promote inquiry focused on student learning and effective teaching and learning practices.

CDSBEO will continue to monitor and update school and board improvement plans annually, based on various data, to improve student learning opportunities and success outcomes.

Victoria Watt-Runge reading to buddies Cheyenne Chesney and Shaelyn Lord