Catholic Education Coalition Central Event – with guest speaker David Dayler

On Wednesday, November 24, the CDSBEO hosted the annual Catholic Education Coalition – Central Event, with guest speaker David Dayler. Mr. Dayler is the Director of the Office for Discipleship and Parish Life for the Diocese of Hamilton.

Mr. Dayler spoke to attendees about Pope Francis’ vision of the Church as a field hospital, which nourishes and heals the spirit of the wounded. In Catholic education, the school also nourishes and supports the spiritual journey of students, in partnership with, and with the support of the Church, and parents. In the truest sense of the word, Mr. Dayler explained how we are all “church” when we gather in our parishes, our schools, and our homes. As collaborators on this missionary journey, all members of the Catholic school community are potential workers in the “field hospitals” of life.

“Catholic education isn’t confined to the school,” noted Mr. Dayler. “Catholic education begins in the home, is nourished in the Eucharist and sacraments, and the life of the parish, and is sustained and grounded in the school.”

He continued, “Catholic education is intended as a mutually supportive partnership, within the specific and respective responsibilities of each participant.”

After Mr. Dayler’s inspirational message was delivered, school groups discussed ideas for upcoming community Catholic Education Coalition events, to be held in the spring. The event was live-streamed to three regional locations in the Board, including Perth, Hammond and Cornwall.


Mr. David Dayler speaks to CDSBEO staff, administration, and parents about understanding the role of the home, school and parish in Pope Francis’ Vision of the Church – The Field Hospital.














Mr. David Dayler (centre), with Superintendent of School Effectiveness, John Cameron, and CDSBEO Director of Education, Wm. J. Gartland.