CDSBEO Launches Renewed Math Strategy

Three teachers work collaboratively at a table with their various work strategies on the table.

The Renewed Mathematics Strategy is a Ministry of Education initiative which is designed to provide additional support to all district school boards, with a focus on improving achievement in mathematics. The strategy recognizes the system’s need to increase mathematics achievement overall, and to close the mathematics achievement gaps.

The CDSBEO launched the Renewed Mathematics Strategy on September 22. Educators and administrators gathered at the North Grenville Municipal Centre for the launch, to discuss research based mathematical teaching and learning practices, and how to utilize data to optimize student achievement.

“As the Board moves forward with the implementation of the plan, we are always cognisant of the strategic plan,” explained Principal of Curriculum Brent Bovaird. “We are very closely aligned with the provincial strategy, and we look to work collaboratively as a system to improve student achievement and teacher efficacy in the area of mathematics.”

The CDSBEO implementation plan was developed in consultation with the Ministry of Education, and various members of the Curriculum Department, in collaboration with school principals and school math leads. The plan has four goals, including:

1. To engage students in mathematics learning, within supportive school mathematics communities;
2. To improve the comfort, fluency and pedagogy around mathematics for all members of the school community;
3. To improve teacher practice and assessment using sound data practices, and ensure that programming is personalized and responsive to students’ individual needs;
4. To educate parents about mathematics and involve them in the learning and teaching process.

The year-long plan involves four distinct groups.

“Professional development will be offered to school educators to review current, research based mathematical teaching and learning practices, and to teach how to utilize data to optimize student achievement,” noted Curriculum Consultant Catherine Koehler. “These math leaders will learn how to spread their math knowledge in timely, efficient and productive ways, and how to motivate and engage their entire learning community.”

The Divisional Numeracy Team Meetings will also be held, involving grade 1 to 9 math teachers. These sessions will enforce that the strategy is a whole-school approach. This meeting is an opportunity for divisions to co-create lessons, assessments, and ensure a smooth transition as students move through the grades.

The Catholic Professional Learning Community (CPLCs) group will have sessions which focus on mathematics messaging and knowledge. Teachers will work collaboratively to develop engaging, relevant questions that will assess students’ understanding, and to review effective, consistent assessment practices.

The Collaborative Learning Network gives elementary and secondary schools a unique opportunity to develop their school improvement plans within a collaborative environment. This year, an increased focus will be placed on mathematics teaching and learning within schools, and the session will give an opportunity to share engaging and innovative mathematics practices.

“We are excited for the opportunity the Renewed Math Strategy has given us to change school mathematical cultures and teaching practice,” noted Ms. Koehler. “The process will be ongoing, but we feel we have developed a plan that will benefit our students, teachers, administrators and parent communities.”


Teachers and administrators participate in the launch of the Renewed Math Strategy at the North Grenville Municipal Centre.

Three teachers work collaboratively at a table with their various work strategies on the table.