CDSBEO Schools Participate in “Take Me Outside” Day

On Wednesday, October 29th, schools across the CDSBEO took part in ‘Take Me Outside Day’! 

Take Me Outside Day, in partnership with The David Suzuki Foundation and The Child and Nature Alliance of Canada, is an opportunity for schools across Canada and around the world to show the importance of getting outside. It’s a day to support education extending beyond four walls and a desk!

Three years ago, Colin Harris, founder and Executive Director of Take Me Outside ran over 7600 kilometres, the equivalent of 181 marathons from St. John’s, NL to Victoria, BC. Along the way, he went into 80 schools and chatted with almost 20,000 students about the importance of finding better balance with the amount of time they spend outside compared to the time they are spending in front of screens.

His final day of this cross Canada run was in late October. To celebrate the end of this 9 month initiative, Take Me Outside Day was established. It is a day to raise awareness about the importance of unplugging and spending time outside – being active and connecting with nature.

Many CDSBEO schools participated in this great initiative. Events organized by schools included outdoor lessons and learning, sports activities, nature walks, and outdoor station activities. It is hoped that this initiative will continue to grow throughout the Board in the coming years.


Students at Holy Trinity Catholic Secondary School took part in a nature walk in Grey’s Creek, outdoor ball hockey, art activities, ping pong and other sports.
































St. Joseph Catholic School in Toledo took part in outdoor station activities which included forest animal tag, nature art and earth friendly investigation activities.



































Students at St. Peter Catholic School in Cornwall participated in an outdoor Zumba class.


















St. Finnan’s Catholic School students spent some time walking the North Glengarry Trails…

Take Me Outside 4













Take me Outside

















St. Gregory Catholic School students, staff and parent volunteers took the 170 FDK students out to a giant outdoor classroom filled with a variety of learning activities, including fly swatter painting, nature walk and hunt, soccer, chalk stamping, balloon games, sand play, and making scarecrows with leaves!



































Sacred Heart Catholic School in Lanark hosted a range of outdoor learning activities for the entire school.

Mrs. Christopher's grade 3,4 class doing a readingwriting activity (deb pic)

















Hailey Fisher, Betty Lalonde play at one of the outside kindergarten stations (deb pic)