CDSBEO Surpasses Provincial Graduation Rate Targets

Graduation rates for learners in the 2010-11 grade 9 cohort from the Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario were recently released in a report by the Ministry of Education. The provincial graduation rate for this same cohort was also released, and rates indicate an all-time high of 85.5 per cent, surpassing the Ministry goal for the province of 85 per cent of students graduating.

The Ministry calculation is based on both a four-year and five-year formula which includes students who have moved from the CDSBEO to another system, and did not graduate, as well as students who have left the province and are beyond the Board’s ability to track. The CDSBEO has done additional graduation rate calculations which consider the total number of students currently enrolled in grade 12 for that same cohort, omitting the early leavers.

In the analysis of Board credit accumulation for the 2010-11 cohort, results are as follows:

  • Under the Ministry of Education formula, the CDSBEO 4 year graduation rate is 85.4 per cent (up 0.2 per cent from the previous cohort), and the 5 year graduation rate is 89.5 per cent (up 1.1 per cent from the previous cohort).
  • Of students who stayed within the CDSBEO for the duration of their secondary education (904 students), 90.6 per cent graduated within 4 years, and 93.6 per cent within 5 years.
  • Of students who moved to another board (213 students), 59.2 per cent graduated within 4 years, and 67.1 per cent within 5 years.
  • The total number of students who left prior to graduation was 37 students, ten of which moved out of province and could not be tracked, four moved to another school or training institution, while 23 students either moved into an employment position, or the destination of the student was unknown.

“This data certainly demonstrates that the CDSBEO is seeing outstanding success regarding the number of students receiving their Ontario Secondary School Diploma,” noted Director of Education Wm. J. Gartland. “It is a testament to our teachers, and school staff, as well as the programs currently being offered which help those who are most at-risk to graduate.”

The programs offered to Board students, including 24 Specialist High Skills Major Programs, the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program, the Personal Support Worker Program, and online learning programs, all help to contribute to a meaningful graduation outcome for CDSBEO learners.

Re-engaging early leavers is a strong focus for the CDSBEO, and strategies are in place to facilitate this objective. Much work is done within secondary schools to re-engage early leavers so that they will become successful graduates, and obtain their Ontario Secondary School Diploma. Student Success Teachers and Guidance Counsellors individually review profiles of early leavers to determine their needs and a success plan is then created. A caring adult staff member then reaches out to these students to encourage them to consider their options based on the success plan for completing high school.

The Board strives to see continuous increases in overall graduation rates for learners, and approaches success through the belief that every student can graduate if given the individualized support required for a positive graduation outcome.