Leaders in the Middle Mathematics Professional Learning

The Curriculum team facilitated a day of professional learning on Thursday, March 23rd at the Equinelle Golf Club to further educator knowledge and skill in the area of mathematics. School teams gathered to strengthen and support both assessment and instruction in monitoring student learning.

Teams were engaged in cross-school discussions during the morning, which allowed them to share effective practices, decide what is working well, what barriers still exist, and what next steps could be implemented moving forward.

This team sharing was followed by Ministry of Education Student Achievement Officer, Helene Coulombe, who connected the components of the Vision for the Mathematics Learner and the Pedagogical System to the Pillars created by Doug Fisher, and adopted by educators.

The remainder of the morning was dedicated to “doing the math”. The Curriculum team shared four very rich math tasks to be brought back to schools. Teams had time to work on the problem, discuss their solutions, reflect on how their students might approach the problem, and dissect where students may fall on the learning trajectory from additive to multiplicative thinking. The morning wrapped up with teams planning how best to present these board wide math tasks to their staff.

For the afternoon, the group participated in breakout sessions specific to principals, secondary teachers, elementary teachers and SERT/ DI teachers, designed to build professional learning in regards to monitoring and specific to each role. Teams then returned to the large group to share their learning experience with their colleagues. Inspirational success stories were shared by four schools throughout the day.

Feedback from the session was extremely positive:

“The richness of the day resided in the thought provoking and collaborative ways to deepen our professional noticings. Our Leaders in the Middle Team is excited to share the learning and continue on our Math journey with the new board-wide Mathematics problem that will guide us in the monitoring of student learning.” Elementary Principal

“Today was one of the best sessions I have ever attended. Your focus on professional collaboration and the modelling of this was well received and, through this process, we all deepened our understanding of monitoring (noticing and naming) and how this supports assessment and instructional strategies.” Special Education Department Consultant

“I have gained some inspiring ideas. I really enjoyed having the opportunity to reflect on what is working and what isn’t.” Secondary Teacher

“I received practical strategies that can be used immediately.” Elementary Teacher

“Thanks for the energy and enthusiasm. I received diverse ideas and so much to think about.” Secondary Vice-Principal