Notre Dame CHS Students “Grad Prank” a Surprise Breakfast

This is a year that will never be forgotten in the minds of staff and students at Notre Dame Catholic High School in Carleton Place.

The graduating class of 2013 turned ‘grad prank’ into ‘grad thank’, establishing a new tradition for the year end!

At 6:00 a.m. the grade twelve students arrived and got right to work; decorating the front foyer, cooking up a wonderful breakfast, and creating ‘thank you’ placards which were placed on the door of each classroom.

As each staff member arrived they were welcomed into the school by door greeters while other staff members were welcomed while in the parking lot.  After taking their place at the tables set up in the front foyer, staff members were attentively served by these wonderfully kind-hearted students.  Personal cards signed by our graduates and addressed directly to each staff member were also handed out during the breakfast celebration.  Students indicated that organizing this ‘thank’ event was so much easier to plan than any other ‘prank’ happening.

The smiles and messages of gratitude on each staff member’s face was indicative of just how special this event was.  The former tradition of ‘grad prank’ of previous years quickly becomes forgotten as no one likes to remember the negative.  However, lucky ‘13’, the graduating class that gave back will live for many years in the minds of those who serve Notre Dame Catholic High School students each and every day.

grad thank 1