Poetry in Voice 2013 at St. Joseph’s CSS

St. Joseph’s Catholic Secondary School participated in the national Poetry In Voice competition for the second year in a row.  Poetry In Voice is a national event which was founded by Scott Griffin in order to revive poetry recitation and public speaking.

On Wednesday, February 20, eleven participants representing a senior language class, recited two poems each of their choosing from a wide variety available on the Poetry In Voice website.  These competitors included Dominique Cook,  Haley Deamond, Nick Gent, Pamela Jody, Collin MacIsaac, Ryan Pecore, Tabatha Pilon, Piravien Sivasundrampillai, Janisiya Srithar, Tara Stidwell, and Anna Woodmass. The event was judged by Mrs. Charlotte Rouleau (CDSBEO Superintendent of School Effectiveness), John Cameron (Principal at St. Joseph’s CSS). St. Joseph’s CSS staff members Steve Perry and Paula Wheeler also served as judges, with Margie McDonell as Tabulator.  The audience was so impressed with the students’ skill, courage, and confidence.

The contest is divided into three sections:  English Only Poems, Bilingual Poems, and French Only Poems.  Winners of the English Only division were Haley Deamond and Janisiya Srithar.  The Bilingual winners were Dominique Cook and Tara Stidwell.  Haley and Dominique will now submit online videos to compete at the semifinal stage of competition.  If successful, the girls would then travel to Toronto for the national competition in April.

Congratulations to all involved and good luck at the next stage.


St Joseph CSS Poetry in Voice