CDSBEO Policies and Procedures on GO

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Section Policy Name Procedure Name Forms
A - Governance
  A1 Governance Manual    
A2 Board By-laws    
A3 Catholic Student Trustee A3:1 Catholic Student Trustee

A3:2 Catholic Student Trustee - Student
Senate Constitution
Catholic Student Trustee Supervision Form
Catholic Student Trustee Travel Form
A4 Electronic Meetings    
A5 Trustee Code of Conduct A5:1 Resources During Election Campaigns  
A6 Communication Guidelines    
A7 Vacancy Board Member
B - School Operations
B1 Health & Safety B1 Health and Safety B1:1 Administration of Medication Administration of Medication Form
    B1:2 Anaphylaxis Allergy Alert Form
    B1:3 Voluntary Accident Insurance  
    B1:4 Pediculosis


    B1:5 Extreme Weather Conditions  
    B1:6 Nutrition  
    B1:7 Animals in Schools  
    B1:8 Playground Equipment  
    B1:9 Concussions  
    B1:10 Small Appliances in Schools  
    B1:11 Asthma Friendly Schools  
    B1:12 Emergency Onsite Administration of Naloxone  
B2 Code of Conduct   B2:1 Standards of Behaviour  
    B2:2 Bullying Prevention and Intervention  
    B2:3 Progressive Discipline  
    B2:4 Suspension/Expulsion Programs Form Letters Available in Maplewood
    B2:5 Dress Code  
    B2:6 Substance Abuse  
    B2:7 Intimidation and Threats  
    B2:8 Staff Incident  
    B2:9 Vandalism and Theft  
    B2:10 Assault and Fighting  
    B2:11 Weapons  
    B2:12 Police Involvement  
    B2:13 Antiracism and Ethnocultural Equity  
    B2:14 Delegation of Authority  
    B2:15 Duty to Report  
    B2:16 Informing Parents/Guardians  
    B2:17 Staff Response to Student Behaviour  
    B2:18 Supporting Students at Risk  
B3 Access to School Premises   B3:1 Access and Trespassing Letter for Trespassing
    B3:2 Access to Pupils  
    B3:3 Visitors to Schools Visitor/VIP Daily Log
    B3:4 School Volunteers  
    B3:5 Apprehension or Arrest of Pupils  
B4 Field Trips   B4:1 Field Trips

Form A - Informed Consent Permission Form
Form B - Release and Indemnification Form
Form C - Field Trip - Outdoor Education Activity Authorization Form
Form D - Intent to Participate in a Field Trip Outside of Board Jurisdiction
Form E - Volunteer Driver - Authorization to Transport Students
Form F - Parental Consent for Medical Treatment (Under 18)
Form G - Parental Consent for Medical Treatment (Over 18)

    B4:2 Guidelines for Ski Trips and Ski Activities  
B5 Instruction Program B5 Instruction/Program B5:1  Home/Hospital Individualized Instruction Home Instruction Application
    B5:2 Home Schooling Parent Intent Form
School Notice Form
    B5:3 Early and Ongoing Identification  
    B5:4 Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) in Secondary School – as it relates to challenges Attachment 1
Attachment 2
Attachment 3
Attachment 4
    B5:5 Co-Op Education Placement of Co-op Students
    B5:6 Attendance Codes  
    B5:7 Movies During Class Approval Form
    B5:8 Attendance Admin Procedure  
    B5:9 Textbooks  
    B5:10 French Immersion Admission and Withdrawal Admission Form
Withdrawal Form
B6 Aboriginal Self-Identification B6 Indigenous Self-Identification B6:1 Indigenous Self-Identification  
B7 Catholic School Council B7 Catholic School Council B7:1 Catholic School Council  
B8 Admission of Students B8 Admission of Students B8:1 Admission of Students Request of Admission of Non-Catholic students
B9 Religious Education B9 Religious Education B9:1 Religious Education Courses  
    B9:2 Process for Religious Education Exemptions  
B10 School Uniform B10 School Uniform    
B11 Protocol for Partnerships B11 Protocol for Partnerships with External Agencies B11:1 Protocol for Partnerships with External Agencies Application for Consideration of an External Partnership
B12 Environmental Education B12 Environmental Education    
B13 Equity and Inclusive Education B13 Equity and Inclusive Education B13:1 Equity and Inclusive Education  
B14 Healthy Foods B14 Healthy Foods B14:1 School Food And Beverage  
B15 Fees for Learning Materials B15 Fees for Learning Materials B15:1 Fees for Learning Materials  
B16 Fundraising B16 Fundraising B16:1 Fundraising  
B17 Copyright B:17 Copyright B17:1 Copyright  
C - Business
C1 Business C1 Business    
    C1:2 Monitoring School Operating Budget Approaching Over-Budget
Over Budget
    C1:3 School Budget Guidelines  
    C1:4 Year-end Procedures  
    C1:5 Charitable Donations  
    C1:6 School Generated Funds CDSBEO School Generated Funds Guidelines
    C1:7 Corporate Sponsorship  
    C1:8 Purchasing  
    C1:9 Investment of Surplus Funds  
    C1:10 Perquisites  
C2 Fair Labour Practices C2 Fair Labour Practices – School Uniforms C2:1 Fair Labour Practices – School Uniforms  
C3 Expenditure Guidelines   C3:1 Travel & Expense Claim Reimbursement, Hospitality and Use of Corporate Credit Cards Appendix A - Travel and Expense Claim Form
Appendix B - Expense Claim Checklist
Appendix C - Mileage Board-wide

Appendix D - CDSBEO Visa Card Guidelines
  C3:2 Advocacy Expenditure Guidelines  
C3:3 Advertising Guidelines  
C4 Transportation C4 Transportation    
C5 Plant Operations   C5:1 Official Naming of Board Facilities
C5:2 Power Outage
C6 Facility Partnerships C6 Facility Partnerships C6:1 Community Planning and Partnerships
C7 Good Samaritan Trust Fund C7 Good Samaritan Trust Fund C7:1 Good Samaritan Trust Fund
C8 Pupil Accommodation Review C8 Pupil Accommodation Review C8:1 Pupil Accommodation Review  
D - Safety and Security
D1 Occupational Health & Safety D1 Occupational Health and Safety D1:1 Emergency Procedures for Natural Gas and Toxic Combustion Fumes  
    D1:2 Roles and Responsibilities  
    D1:2 a) Annual Inspection Inspection Form
    D1:2 b) Check List  
    D1:2 c) Employee Accident/Incident Reporting and Investigation Employers Report Accident-Injury Form
    D1:2 e) Medical Treatment  
    D1:3 Hazardous Material  
    D1:4 Reporting Accidents to the Ministry of Labour  
    D1:5 Volunteer Drivers  
    D1:6 Hot Work Permit  
    D1:7 Video Surveillance  
    D1:8 Confined Spaces  
    D1:9 Hazard Recognition, Assessment and Control  
    D1:10 Fall Prevention  
    D1:11 Hearing Conservation  
    D1:12 Lockout-Tagout  
    D1:13 Machine Guarding  
    D1:14 Personal Protective Equipment  
    D1:15 Working Alone  
    D1:16 Contractor Health and Safety Requirements  
D:2 Emergency Preparedness   D2:1 Earthquakes  
    D2:2 Lockdown  
    D2:3 Tornadoes  
    D2:4 Bomb Threat  
E - Human Resources
E1 Human Resources E1 Human Resources E1:1 Application Process for Occasional Teachers  
    E1:2 Communicable Diseases – Fifth Disease  
    E1:3 Harassment and Discrimination at the Workplace  
    E1:4 Maintenance and Renewal of the Occasional Teachers Supply List  
    E1:5 Performance Evaluation – Non-Teaching Sector  
    E1:6 School Secretaries Temporary Replacement  
    E1:7 Nepotism  
    E1:8 Absence Reporting  

E1:9 Confidential Medical Records
E1:10 Staffing Plan and Hiring Process

E2 Accessibility Standards for Customer Service E2 Accessibility Standards for Customer Service E2:1 Accessibility Standards for Customer Service  
    E2: 2 Accessibility Standards for Information and Communication  
    E2:3 Accessibility Standards for Employment  
E3 Attendance Support E3 Attendance Support Programme E3:1 Attendance Support
E3:2 Disability Management
E4 Discipline, Suspension and Dismissal E4 Discipline, Suspension and Dismissal E4:1 Discipline, Suspension and Dismissal  
E5 Employee Mental Health & Well Being E5 Employee Mental Health & Well Being    
F - Communications
F1 Communications Systems F1 Communications Systems F1:1 Acceptable Use Guideline for Internet Access by Students  
F1:2 Use of Student Information and Image
    F1:3 Use of Personally Owned Computers  
    F1:4 Security Incident Management Procedure  
    F1:5 Use of Cellular Phones and Other Handheld Communications Devices  
    F1:6 ICT Security Procedure  
F2 Personal Information Management F2 Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy F2:1 Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy  
F2:2 Ontario Student Records Order of Enclosures
Access - student over 18
Access - student under 18
Notification of Student Transfer
Request from Within Ontario
Request from Outside of Ontario
Verification of Content
Access to OSR
Parental Consent
Parental Consent 2
Process for Transferring Inactive OSRs
F2:3 Transcript Requests  
F2:4 Research Initiated by External Agencies  
F2:5 Secure and Responsible Use of Personal and Confidential Information  
F2:6 Privacy Breaches  
F3 Information and Records Management   F3:1 Information and Records Management  
F4 Community Relations F4 Community Relations F4:1 Safe Arrival Form Letter
    F4:2 Community Use of Schools OSBIE Insurance Program

F4:3 School Blessing, Official Opening and Anniversaries
F4:4 Municipal, Provincial and Federal Elections
F4:5 Flag Protocol

Updated September 7, 2018