Presentation of the Bernard Smyth Award for Social Justice

Following a beautiful outdoor staff Mass celebrated by Fr. Rod McNeil, the 2013 Bernard Smyth Award for Social Justice was presented to two St. John Catholic High School teachers, Suzanne Walford and Colin MacDuff.  Nominated by colleague Tammy Peckham and Chaplaincy Leader Pat Forbes, the duo were celebrated for the active roles they have taken for many years  in promoting social justice education and initiatives for both students and staff, particularly for their work with the school’s Justice Action Committee.  Congratulations Suzanne and Colin!


Pictured below, left to right: Pat Forbes (Chaplaincy Leader), Tammy Peckham (Teacher), co-recipients Suzanne Walford and Coilin MacDuff, Ken Crosby (Principal) and Heather Gerber (Vice-Principal)

BSMYTH 2013-2 (Large)















Pictured below, left to right: Cindy Morgan (Religious Education Consultant), co-recipients Suzanne Walford and Colin MacDuff, Jim Roberts (Principal of Religious and Family Life Education)

BSMYTH 2013-3 (Large)