Sacred Heart of Jesus Students Become Inspired to Create Social Change

Alexandra Phizicky, a representative from Free the Children, visited students at Sacred Heart Catholic School in Lanark. Ms. Phizicky spoke to a very attentive group of  grade 1 to 8 students about the work Free the Children does in developing countries around the world. The question period brought forth a lot of discussion and excitement, and the students were very interested in learning more about how to create social change.

The CDSBEO has recently signed a partnership agreement with Free the Children, and Board schools will be participating in the organization’s We Act social justice program for youth. The We Act program provides practical tools for students to be inspired into action on local and global issues. Launched by the energy and message of We Day, the We Act program puts students at the forefront of active global citizenship by educating them on social issues, developing leadership skills, and engaging them in world-changing action. Once part of the program, students commit to one local and one global action for the school year. The school will submit two reports to Free the Children: an action plan for the year, and an Action and Impacts report detailing what change they have helped to create. Resources such as action kits, inspiring speeches, and mentorship summits, are provided to teachers to assist in bringing the change action to life, and to assist in social justice education. The entire initiative is designed to empower children to create tangible social change.


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