Sacred Heart Students Learn “Perspective”

Members of the photo club from Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic School in Lanark, participated in a very respectful walk through the local cemetery last week. The students were taking photos for a school contest called “anything but eye level.” In addition to keeping perspective in mind, students also had a good opportunity to work on shadows (it was very sunny) and the effects of sun on photography.

The photo club at Sacred Heart was started in 2009 by Deb Carey, an Educational Assistant at the school, who continues to lead the group. The club currently has 23 student members who meet during lunch time to learn photography skills, and take photos. This year, the group participated in a fall trip to Blueberry Mountain in Westport, which took place on a Saturday, with parents and siblings in attendance. The Blueberry Mountain excursion is an annual event, which two years ago resulted in a great amount of amazing photographs which were then auctioned off. The $200 proceeds were donated to the Mississippii, Matawaska Land Trust.

Each spring the group also travels to Packenham bridge, Almonte, and Blackeney, where learners have the opportunity to practice taking photographs of the falls and rapids. This year, the group will also travel to the Purdon Conservation Area in June, to see and photograph the famous Showy Lady’s Slipper Orchids in bloom.

Bryant Skaug photographs a cedar tree.

Cemetary walk anything but eye level





















Emily Lucas takes a close-up of an interesting fence.

Emily tries to get a closeup of an interesting piece of fencing





















Michaelia Majore captures an interesting old tombstone.

Michaelia with an old stone
















Senior photo club member, Andrew Kuhn teaches new member, Braden Forrester about shadows.


Sr. photoclub member Andrew Kuhn shows new member something about shadows