Significant Events in the History of Catholic Education

A message from the Ontario Catholic School Trustees’ Association:

As you know it is very important that all involved in the tremendous gift of publicly funded Catholic Education have a good understanding of our rich history and the vision and sacrifice of those who built such a strong foundation. Particularly for those in governance and administrative leadership positions it is crucial we are able to articulate, celebrate and share “Our Story.”

In this regard you will find attached a document prepared by OCSTA entitled “Significant Events in the History of Catholic Education and the Ontario Catholic School Trustees Association” (Appendix 1). It was updated in 2004 to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of our Association. It outlines significant milestones, legal decisions and legislative changes that incrementally have
positively impacted Catholic Education in Ontario. Among the most consequential of these events was the passing of Bill 30 which led to the extension of funding to Grades 11, 12 and 13 (OAC) in
Catholic schools. You will find attached a copy of the text of Premier Bill Davis’ June 12, 1984 speech which ushered in this historic change (Appendix 2).

There have of course been a number of events since 2004 which have impacted Catholic Education. Among these would be the passing of Bill 177, “The Student Achievement and School Board
Governance Act” in 2009 and Bill 122, “The School Boards Collective Bargaining Act” in 2014. As you know both of these pieces of legislation have more clearly defined and changed the
role/responsibilities of trustees, school boards and the Ontario Catholic School Trustees’ Association.

It is our plan to update the 2004 document over the next few months and forward it to you along with other historic information. We ask that you share this with the trustees of your board as well
as others who you believe it would benefit.

If you would like additional information or have questions regarding any of the specific events, please let us know.

Please click here to view the document: Significant Events in the History of Catholic Education and the Ontario Catholic School Trustees’ Association

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