St. Columban’s Catholic School Celebrates National Literacy Day

To celebrate National Literacy Day, which took place on January 27th, the students at St. Columban’s Catholic School in Cornwall, were honoured to receive a visit from Kaweienonni Margaret Peters from the Akwesasne Mohawk Board of Education. She shared with the students the process of translating Robert Munsch’s classic picture book, Love You Forever, into the Mohawk Language.

The children were thrilled to experience the reading of this familiar text, especially the singing of the lullaby songs, in the traditional Mohawk language. The students also impressed her with their outstanding manners and respect, by learning a few words in Mohawk. St. Columban’s is looking forward to having Kaweienonni Margaret Peters visit again in June to help celebrate National Aboriginal Day. The students capped off their Literacy day dressed as their favourite children’s book character, while sharing a reading hour with family and friends.


Pictured below, Kaweienonni Margaret Peters with students from St. Columban’s Catholic School.

2014-01-27 10.05.28