St. Michael CHS Health and Wellness Program

St. Michael Catholic High School is pleased to offer the Health and Wellness Specialist High Skills Major Program. It is our job, as Catholic educators, to provide our youth with various life recipes where they just have to add water.  In health and wellness, our goal is to get our students off of the bleachers, out from behind their desks, and onto the fields, into the gyms, weight rooms, our forestry trails, the rink next door, the outdoor pool across town, and into all of the fitness studios and sport associations that Kemptville has to offer, and provide them with the skills needed for participation. The key is to motivate our students to push through the initial aches and pains until they discover that when you do a good job at something difficult, you have a sense of accomplishment. Feeling a sense of accomplishment is worth the effort it takes to experience it and eventually they physically and mentally feel good!

The road to this discovery is a long and rewarding journey and we are all in it together. How do we do this? We lead by example, communicate via our health and wellness bulletin board where we post all local events and fitness opportunities that our community offers and most importantly we provide opportunities. With our condensed curriculum, we understand that high school students struggle to fit physical education into their timetables and so we open our gym every lunch hour, run athlete development camps, offer competitive varsity sports, as well as open the weight room for personal fitness work-outs.

Here at St. Michael Catholic High School, not only do we walk in good company, we run in good company!  Our students enrolled in the fit for life class have already run 130 km and counting. They have created a brown bag healthy lunch recipe show, participated in sports such as wheelchair basketball, implemented dynamic warm-up routines, executed exercises using proper technique and continue to enhance their overall athletic abilities. We want our youth to be leaders of tomorrow, and in all of our classes at St. Michael Catholic High School, students are not only discovering and learning new concepts, they are gaining knowledge about who they are and what they will become . We want them to be able to live beyond the moment and think about their future selves so that they can live a long, healthy, and happy life without any limits.  Go Mustangs!

Submitted by: Kelly Niedre, PE Teacher, St. Michael CHS

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