Take Me Outside Day

On Wednesday, November 4, the staff and students of Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic School took part in ‘Take Me Outside Day.” This initiative was founded by The David Suzuki Foundation and The Child and Nature Alliance of Canada. Its focus is to provide an opportunity for schools across Canada and around the world to show students the importance of getting outside. It is a day to extend learning beyond four walls and a desk and to help raise awareness about the importance of ‘unplugging’ and spending more time outside. Some of the learning activities the students at Sacred Heart of Jesus took part in were drama, music, religious education lessons, story time and physical education.

Many CDSBEO schools participated in Take Me Outside Day, which was officially held on October 28. Unfortunately, due to very rainy conditions in Eastern Ontario that day, schools rescheduled to a later date to enjoy better weather.


Photo: Marshall Hall participates in an outdoor art class.

outside class gr 1,2 art, music Marshall Hall






















Photo: Students enjoy an outdoor game of “manhunt” on Take Me Outside Day.

outside play nice weather manhunt game

















Photo: Primary students enjoy the sandbox on a warm November day.

outside play sandbox 2