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Executive Compensation Program

In 2014, the Government of Ontario began the process of developing public sector compensation frameworks to ensure a transparent and consistent approach to executive compensation. This applies to all Ontario public sector designated employers, including universities, colleges, hospitals and school boards, including the Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario. In the education sector, a competitive, fair, and responsible Executive Compensation Program is vital for attracting and retaining the talented, innovative leadership required to ensure continued progress and success in advancing student achievement for all. The Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario’s proposed Executive Compensation Program balances the need to manage compensation costs and the need to attract and retain the executive talent we seek. In consultation with the Government of Ontario, the Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario has developed its proposed Executive Compensation Program, which meets the requirements of the Broader Public Sector Executive Compensation Act. As part of the Government Regulations, all Ontario broader public sector employers are required to conduct a 30-day public consultation on their proposed Executive Compensation Program.

We invite you to read the proposed Executive Compensation Program and to provide feedback as part of the public consultation process. We have included a Frequently Asked Questions sheet to assist in your review. We will be accepting feedback until 4:00 pm on Tuesday, December 26, 2017. Feedback will be summarized and provided to the Ministry of Education.

Holiday Closures

For the holiday season, all CDSBEO schools will be closed from Monday, December 25 through Friday, January 5. Schools reopen and students are back in class on Monday, January 8.

CDSBEO Board Offices will be closed during this period as well, and will reopen Monday, January 8.

Wishing all of our Catholic school community many blessings this Christmas season! Enjoy time with your family and friends, in the spirit of the true meaning of Christmas.

Director of Education Presents Annual Report

Director Gartland presented the 2017 Director’s Annual Report to the Board of Trustees at the December 5th meeting. “It is a pleasure to present to you the Director’s Annual Report, and to bring attention to the exceptional accomplishments of our Board over the past year,” remarked Director Gartland.

The report reviews successes in areas such as student achievement, faith development, and program initiatives. “The CDSBEO continues to focus on our strategic plan, and its three goals: Achieving Literacy for All, Living our Catholic Faith, and Making Resources Matter. Our success resonates in the accomplishments of our students, who continue to excel in their faith, as well as their academic achievements.”

Todd Lalonde Acclaimed Board Chair, Ron Eamer Acclaimed Vice-Chair at CDSBEO Annual Meeting

Mr. Todd Lalonde, Trustee for City of Cornwall and Glengarry County, has been acclaimed to the position of Chair for the Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario. It will be the second term as Chair for Mr. Lalonde, who is entering his twelfth year as a Catholic school trustee.

Mr. Lalonde addressed trustees and guests, “First and foremost I would like to thank my fellow trustees for the continued confidence and support that you have given me this evening. I appreciate the opportunity to serve as Chair; it is truly a privilege to serve with such good people. In my twelve years as a trustee, I have appreciated all of the guidance given to me by trustees and administration. We are all very fortunate to be part of such an amazing team.”

City of Cornwall and Glengarry County Trustee Ron Eamer was acclaimed during the annual meeting to the position of Vice-Chair of the Board. Mr. Eamer has served as CDSBEO trustee since 1981, and has served terms as both Chair and Vice-Chair.

“Thanks to my fellow trustees for trusting me with this position again. You all know that I believe in this Board, thoroughly. It’s been a passion of mine for some 37 years, and my passion for this Board is as strong as it was in 1981. I have more confidence now than ever, in our very talented staff. We know that not all boards in the province enjoy the same successes that we do, and that is why I’m looking forward to working with all of you again in my role as Vice-Chair.”

Chair Lalonde thanked outgoing Vice-Chair Robin Reil and congratulated Trustee Eamer.

Director of Education Wm. J. Gartland, congratulated Mr. Lalonde and Mr. Eamer. “The annual meeting is a wonderful celebration of our Catholic faith, and an opportunity to renew our dedication to Catholic education. Our trustees continually demonstrate their commitment to Catholic education, and their work contributes to our Board’s reputation as a leader in this province. I know Mr. Lalonde and Mr. Eamer will continue to provide excellent leadership at the Board table.”

Ministry of Education liaison Glenda Stevenson brought greetings on behalf of the Ministry of Education.

“I’m very lucky to act as liaison on behalf of the Ministry with the Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario. It’s always a pleasure to work with your staff.”

She continued, “When we’re looking regionally for leadership, I often come to the Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario for guidance, and I always get the critical feedback I’m looking for.”

The 2014-2018 CDSBEO Board of Trustees are:

Mr. Ron Eamer – Trustee, City of Cornwall and Glengarry County
Mrs. Nancy Kirby – Trustee, Lanark County
Mr. Todd Lalonde – Trustee, City of Cornwall and Glengarry County
Mr. Brent Laton – Trustee, Grenville County and Elizabethtown-Kitley Township
Mr. Robin Reil, – Trustee, City of Brockville, Town of Smiths Falls, and Leeds County
Mrs. Karen McAllister – Trustee, Dundas and Stormont Counties
Mrs. Sue Wilson – Trustee, Prescott and Russell Counties
Mr. Alex D’Alessio – Catholic Student Trustee, 2017-2018


Left to right: Vice-Chair Ron Eamer, Chair Todd Lalonde, Director of Education Wm. J. Gartland


Delegates from South Korea Visit St. Joseph’s CSS, Cornwall

A delegation from South Korea visited St. Joseph’s Catholic Secondary School in Cornwall on December 1, as part of a cultural-exchange program called the “Village Visit Program.” The program was started in 2015 as a way for South Korean officials to build ties with municipal governments outside of Ottawa; a means to explore political, economic, social and cultural ties.

The visit to the school was an opportunity for the delegation to learn about the programs and opportunities for learning at St. Joseph’s, which is currently attended by several international students from South Korea. The delegation also presented information to the schools Grade 10 students about Korean culture and arts. Korean cuisine and food tasting was available for the students, along with a Taekwondo demonstration.


Retiring Director of Education Joins Mood Disorders Society of Canada

Wm. J. Gartland, retiring Director of Education for the Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario, has been appointed to the role of Associate National Executive Director for the Mood Disorders Society of Canada (MDSC), effective January 2018. In his role as Director of Education with the CDSBEO, Mr. Gartland has always prioritized staff and student mental health as an important facet of the Board. During his time, he has overseen the implementation and development of several notable mental health initiatives, and placed the CDSBEO as leaders in providing mental health programs and supports in the education sector.

“I believe it is our moral responsibility to be focused on mental health and wellness of those we teach, those we serve, and those we employ. MDSC was very helpful as we embarked on developing supports for students, parents and staff,” noted Mr. Gartland.

CDSBEO Chair Todd Lalonde noted that Mr. Gartland has guided the Board with a great vision for positive growth that has resonated throughout CDSBEO schools. “Director Gartland is a passionate advocate for mental health, and strong catalyst for many of the programs which have been implemented in the Board. This move is a complement to the knowledge and leadership skills he has demonstrated during his time with the CDSBEO.”

In his new role, Mr. Gartland will focus nationally on MDSC programs, resources and advocacy work, and will work to build upon existing programs and services.

“I am delighted to be joining a national organization with committed individuals wanting to make a difference.”


A Legacy of Caring, Compassion and Character – Dr. Eva Olsson

The CDSBEO and St. Michael CHS are extremely pleased to welcome Dr. Eva Olsson, renowned author, Order of Ontario recipient, and Holocaust survivor. Dr. Olsson will share her story of survival, and moving message about bullying, leadership and character development. A must see for parents, and adolescents.

Please join us for this free event:

Dr. Eva Olsson – A Legacy of Caring, Compassion and Character
Tuesday, November 28th
6:30 pm
St. Michael CHS, Kemptville

All are welcome!











CDSBEO Well-Being Strategy

The Ministry of Education recognizes the value and need of incorporating the concept of well-being into Ontario schools. When students don’t feel as though they are safe, or that they belong, learning becomes very difficult. Last year, the Ministry released a new Well-Being Strategy for Ontario students that emphasizes the relationships between equity and inclusion, safe and accepting schools, healthy schools and positive mental health. The CDSBEO has reviewed its own initiatives and programs and created a personalized CDSBEO Well-Being Strategy which aligns with that of the Ministry of Education.

Michelle Neville, CDSBEO Mental Health Lead explained how the CDSBEO has implemented various initiatives to promote student well-being.

“The Well-Being Strategy encompasses four main areas: Healthy Schools, Positive Mental Health, Equity and Inclusive Education and Safe and Accepting Schools.”

Under the Healthy Schools umbrella, the CDSBEO actively participates in initiatives which promotes both physical and mental health. Participation in the Defeat Depression campaign, which encourages student and staff in schools to participate in a physical activity to raise funds for local mental health agencies is one such initiative. In addition, schools host Special Olympics, Jump Rope for Heart, Relay for Life, and poverty walks.

“Physical activity is a powerful means of promoting positive mental health,” noted Mrs. Neville.

Under the Positive Mental Health area, CDSBEO has created the Sources of Strength program that seeks out leaders and influential students from across schools and trains them to spread hope, strength and help-seeking to their peers. Sources of Strength teams are helping to make great strides for positive mental health in schools.

Equity and Inclusive Education thrives in CDSBEO schools through many initiatives including The Not Myself Today, Defeat Depression and Elephant in the Room campaigns. All three support anti-stigma in schools, and thus, foster equity and inclusivity. Additional initiatives include: Harmony Movement, Social Justice Activities, Aboriginal Education Day, and the Just-Us Youth Day, all of which promote faith, equity and inclusion in schools.

“A safe environment is necessary to ensure well-being,” added Mrs. Neville. “CDSBEO has various initiatives that support a safe learning environment. One of these initiatives is training as many people as possible throughout the Board in safeTALK suicide prevention training. This training has been offered to parents, community coaches, staff, bus drivers and senior students.”

“The Ministry of Education’s working definition for well-being takes into account four developmental areas: cognitive, social, emotional and physical,” noted Rick Soudant, Data Analysis Coordinator. “The Board has taken each question from the Child and Youth Well-Being and Resiliency Survey and coded them to the appropriate domain. Sorting these responses has helped the Board to identify how our students feel about their mental health, about inclusion, and about healthy and safe schools.”

“The work we’re doing around student well-being coincides with three of our overall Board Mental Health Action Plan goals which include: guiding staff in supporting students through the Resiliency and Mental Health Frameworks, implementing the Action Plan through school mental health teams, and supporting the student Well-Being Strategy with the Safe School Bully Prevention and Intervention Continuum and Resiliency and Mental Health frameworks,” concluded Mrs. Neville.

St. Mary-St. Cecilia Catholic School Closed for Today

Please note that St. Mary-St. Cecilia Catholic School is closed today due to an operational issue.

Sandy Lake First Nation Service Trip

For the fourth consecutive year, a group of CDSBEO students participated in a service trip to Sandy Lake First Nation in Northwestern Ontario. This initiative was organized by the department of Religious and Family Life Education, providing the opportunity for new adventures and a chance to build stronger connections between CDSBEO and the Sandy Lake Board of Education to eight students from three Cornwall area school communities (Holy Trinity Catholic Secondary School, St. Matthew Catholic Secondary School, and St. Joseph’s Catholic Secondary School). The trip focused deeply on developing a clearer understanding of the living conditions of an isolated First Nation community, learning the traditions of First Nations people, as well as building positive relationships.

Students Hannah Sommerville, Sybe Jellema, and Papilasini Jeevarajan, spoke to the Board about their time in Sandy Lake, and how they were impacted by the experience.

The Sandy Lake First Nation is accessible only by plane or winter ice road, and transportation of essential goods such as food, clothing, gas, building supplies, and vehicles is difficult and very expensive. Shopping for groceries at the Northern Store, visiting homes in desperate need of repair, picking up building materials delivered by plane, as well as having little access to vehicles, proper flushing toilets and clean drinking water, are just some of the challenges faced by the residents of Sandy Lake.

Holy Trinity student, Hannah Sommerville, explained how the students developed a strong bond with the Sandy Lake residents and students.

“We attended choir practice and participated in sports activities with the students,” she noted. “After leaving Sandy Lake, I have maintained these friendships. My experience has certainly given me a great understanding of the challenges that remote First Nations communities face.”

St. Joseph’s CSS student Papilasini (Bevy) Jeevarajan enjoyed learning about the way of life and customs.

“We went fishing twice while in Sandy Lake, to experience their traditions. We also participated in learning to write Oji-Cree, the main language spoken in Sandy Lake, which we learned is being lost. The community is trying to bring back the Oji-Cree language.”

Sybe Jellema from Holy Trinity, explained how the residents of Sandy Lake are helping students to build community, and also become healthier through sports programs.

“A lot of different sports are played in Sandy Lake. One of the biggest challenges is type II diabetes, and so, opportunities for youth to be more active has been a strategy to help reduce diabetes. Team work is a huge focus in sports, and how the youth work as a team. Many students have learned to trust each other through participating in sports. At home, sports are very competitive, whereas there, the teamwork is the focus, not winning, not who is the best, but supporting everyone as part of a team.”

At the conclusion of the Sandy Lake presentation, the students thanked the Board of Trustees for their support of the trip.

Director Gartland thanked the group, and the staff, for participating and assisting with the experience.

“Clearly this presentation took you all back to your past experiences there. Thank you for representing our Board. You’ve really captured what you’ve learned, and what you’ve experienced. Thank you also to the staff for the time you’ve put into this initiative, and planning this experience for these students.”



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