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Faith and Equity Advisory Committee

Purpose of the Faith and Equity Advisory Committee

The Faith and Equity Advisory Committee (FEAC) is a collaborative group of stakeholders from across the CDSBEO community which provides direction to create and transform equity practices, processes, and procedures within the CDSBEO. The Faith and Equity Advisory Committee provides opportunities for equity, diversity, and inclusion challenges to be raised and worked through, successes to be celebrated, voices to be heard, and justice to be had. We reflect the Board’s pastoral theme, “Together, we are God’s Good News!” by gathering with the purpose and intention of creating an equitable and inclusive educational environment for all to belong.

Gathering Frequency

The Faith and Equity Advisory Committee will meet at least two times for a 2-hour period throughout the school year when possible.

Gathering Framework and Confidentiality

There is often a discomfort in discussing certain issues related to equity, diversity, inclusion, and belonging. This work can be personal, emotional, and intellectual. As a committee, we take responsibility for our learning and recognize the courage it takes to have these brave conversations. We recognize and understand the importance of having critical dialogue that is open, transparent, and rooted in fact, science, research, and diverse worldviews. We work to balance power in our conversations and ensure an understanding that together, we are working towards a common good.

Confidentiality is an essential aspect of fostering a safe, brave, and inclusive environment for discussions about human rights, equity, diversity, inclusion, and belonging. The Faith and Equity Advisory Committee honours CDSBEO confidentiality protocols and policies to protect the privacy and well-being of individuals involved in these conversations.


Our representatives are comprised of CDSBEO students, staff, Trustees, and community partners.

Next FEAC Meeting

April 29, 2024
5:00-7:30 pm
Kemptville Board Office

FEAC Meeting Minutes

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