As the Special Education Advisory Committee established for the Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario, we recognize the need for strong partnerships in our Catholic community in order to develop the unique potential of all children. We recognize that we foster each child’s uniqueness, as intended by God who created us in His own image and likeness, when we facilitate programs and services that:

  • recognize the importance of all children;
  • respect the unique strengths and needs of all children;
  • nurture self-esteem by recognizing the talents of children as gifts from God;
  • provide equity of opportunity and accessibility;
  • reflect our Catholic faith and the principles of inclusion;
  • promote a quality education for all.

Committee Members

Chair: Sue Wilson

Vice-Chair: Dave Conners
Autism Ontario

Karen McAllister

Fran Brauneisen
Association for Community Living

Lorraine Boyer

Rob More
LLG FASD Support Network – Member

Shelley More
LLG FASD Support Network – Alternate

Amanda Banfield
Lanark County Support Services

Karen Moore
Open Doors for Lanark Children & Youth

Deena Shorkey
Children’s Mental health Ontario