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Parent Involvement Committee

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“We Got This” Video Series created by Dr. Jean Clinton (Child Psychiatrist and Advocate) and Ann Douglas (Parenting Author):

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The education of our children is a shared responsibility which involves the home, school, parish and community. It is always beneficial when parents are full participants in the education of their children.

One of the most effective ways for parents to be involved is to join their Catholic School Council. The Parent Involvement Committee, a subsidiary of the Catholic Education Coalition, was established to help support and encourage parents to become active members of the Catholic school community.


PIC Committee Meeting Minutes



PIC Meeting Minutes – October 12, 2022

Parenting to Build Resilient Children – A Workshop for Parents

The CDSBEO presented a virtual parent workshop in partnership with The Umbrella Project on Wednesday, May 31. Dr. Jen Forristal, founder of The Umbrella Project, discussed the important role parents play in helping their children to develop the skills they need to navigate life’s uncertainties, and share five simple steps to build and sustain strong and resilient children. This includes strategies and activities to further enhance a child’s understanding of their coping skills, and how to put them into practice. These methods specifically consider the unpredictable and challenging nature of our current environment.

PIC Virtual Presentation for Parents – May 31, 2023


PIC Meeting Minutes – December 7, 2021 PIC Summary of Survey Responses December 2021 PIC Meeting Minutes – April12, 2022


PIC Meeting Minutes – April 21, 2021


Additional Resources

Presentation – Tips for Supporting Your Child/Teen – April 28, 2021

Representatives for the CDSBEO 2022-2024 Parent Involvement Committee

Ashley Walker – CHAIR (2022-2024)
(Bishop Macdonell, Cornwall, Sacred Heart, Cornwall, At. Anne, Cornwall, St. Peter, Cornwall, St. Matthew CSS, Cornwall, St. Joseph CSS, Cornwall, Our Lady of Good Counsel, Ingleside, St. Andrew’s, St. Andrews West, St. Mary, Chesterville, St. Mary-St. Cecilia, Morrisburg)
Representing: Counties of Stormont and Dundas
Email: walker_ash@outlook.com

Kathryn Ferguson (2022-2024)
(St. Mark School, Prescott, Holy Cross School, Kemptville, St. Michael Catholic HS,
Representing: Grenville County Email: katyrose.ferguson@gmail.com

Sharon Washburn (2022-2024)
(St. Jude, Vankleek Hill, Pope John Paul II, Hammond, St. Francis Xavier CHS, Hammond, St. Patrick, Rockland, Mother Teresa, Russell and St. Thomas Aquinas CHS, Russell)
Representing: Prescott-Russell County
Email: sharon.washburn@cdsbeo.on.ca

Ellie Fuller (2022-2024)
(St. Finnan’s, Alexandria, Iona Academy, Williamstown, Holy Trinity CSS, Cornwall/South Glengarry)
Representing: Glengarry County
Email: ellie_vegas@yahoo.com

Jennie McDevitt (2022-2024)
(J.L. Jordan, Brockville, St. Francis Xavier, Brockville, St. John Bosco, Brockville, St. Mary CHS, Brockville, St. Joseph, Gananoque, St. Joseph, Toledo, St. Edward, Westport)
Representing: Leeds County
Email: jrawd@hotmail.com

Sarah Quast (2022-2024)
(J.L. Jordan, Brockville, St. Francis Xavier, Brockville, St. John Bosco, Brockville, St. Mary CHS, Brockville, St. Joseph, Gananoque, St. Joseph, Toledo, St. Edward, Westport)
Representing: Leeds County Email: sarah@quast.ca

(St. John Elementary, Perth, St. John CHS, Perth, St. Francis de Sales, Smith Falls and St. Luke CHS, Smith Falls, Holy Name of Mary, Notre Dame CHS, Sacred Heart of Jesus CS, St. Gregory CS, St. Mary, CS CP)
Representing: Lanark County

Jennifer Cooney, Trustee
(Lanark County)
Phone: 613-297-8589
Email: Jennifer.Cooney@cdsbeo.on.ca

Donna Nielsen, Trustee
(City of Cornwall and Glengarry County)
Phone: 343-585-3439
Email: Donna.Nielsen@cdsbeo.on.ca

Karen Torrie-Racine, Trustee
(City of Cornwall and Glengarry County)
Phone: 343-585-4352
Email: Karen.Torrie-Racine@cdsbeo.on.ca

Laurie Corrigan, Director of Education
Box 2222, 2755 Highway 43 Kemptville, ON K0G 1J0
Phone: 1-800-443-4562
Email: director@cdsbeo.on.ca

Norma McDonald, Superintendent of School Effectiveness
1500B Cumberland Street
Cornwall, ON K6J 4K9
Phone: (613) 703-1649
Email: Norma.Mcdonald@cdsbeo.on.ca