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Policies and Procedures

Policies and Procedures for Consultation

The Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario is currently developing various policies and administrative procedures that guide staff in the implementation of Board or Ministry of Education initiatives. All policies are governed by the Board’s Mission Statement and guiding principles.

For complete details, please see the CDSBEO Framework for Policy Development.

Policies will be posted below for public consultation for a two-week period once developed. Please send comments and suggestions to any policies posted for public consultation to Judith Bériault, Executive Assistant to the Director of Education at Judith.Beriault@cdsbeo.on.ca.

Please Note: The Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario is currently undergoing a Policy/Procedure reorganization process. New and revised administrative procedures will be posted under Table A, and existing policies/procedures will remain under Table B. Please contact Judith Beriault should you have any questions.

Table A

Directional PolicyAdministrative ProcedureForms & Appendices
100 Governance, Vision, and Strategic Priorities101 Election Campaign Activities and Use of Board Resources During Election Campaigns
102 Electronic Meetings
103 Trustee Honorarium
104 Student Trustee104A – Student Trustee Supervision Form
200 Nurturing and Protecting Catholic Education201 Out of School Activities201 – Planning Checklist
201A – Activities Not Approved
201B – High Care Activities
201C – Supervision Ratios
201D – Out of School Activities Approval Form (Categories 2-5)
201E – Out of School parental Permission Form (Category 2)
201F – Out of School Permission Form (Category 3)
201G – Informed Consent/Permission Form (Category 4-5, Under 18)
201H – Release of Indemnification Form (Categories 4-5, Over 18)
201I – Volunteer Driver
201J – Athletic Participation Permission Form
201K – Alpine Skiing/Snowboarding Form
202 Research Initiated by External Agencies202A – Application Form for Research Requests
202B – CDSBEO Research Agreement
202C – CDSBEO Code of Ethics for Researchers
202D – CDSBEO Parental Consent Form
203 PLAR in Secondary Schools203A – Application Package to Challenge to Credit for a Course
203B – PLAR Challenge for Credit – Cumulative Tracking Record
203C – PLAR Challenge for Credit – Interim Tracking Record
203D – PLAR Process Flow Chart
204 PLAR of Mature Students204A – Ontario Schools Intermediate and Senior Division Equivalent Standing for Mature Students
204B – Cumulative Tracking Record – Equivalency Process for Grade 9 & 10
204C – Cumulative Tracking Record – Equivalency Process for Grade 11 & 12
204D – Application for Assessment – Grade 9 & 10 Credits Equivalency Process
204E – Application Assessment – Grade 11 & 12 Credits Equivalency Process
205 Home Hospital Individualized Instruction205A – Home Instruction Unit
206 Admission of Students
209 Cooperative Education209A – Placement of Cooperative Education Students Form
209B – Designing for Success
209C – The Least You Should Know, Cooperative Education
217 Legacy Projects and Parish/Diocesan Partnerships
300 Belonging in Catholic Schools301 Indigenous Self-Identification
306 Religious Accommodation
400 Safe, Inclusive and Progressive Schools401 Bullying Prevention and Intervention
402 Duty to Report: Reporting Children in Need of Protection
403 Non-Service Animals in Schools403A – Request for Non-Service Animals in the Classroom
403B – Sample Letter to Families
404 Use of Service Animals in Schools404A – Application Request for Guide Dog/Service Dog
404B – Application Request for Service Animal
404C – Principal Checklist
404D – Sample Letters
413 Progressive Discipline
414 Suspension, Expulsion, Appeal and Programs
422 Delegation of Authority422A – Delegation of Authority Staff List
422B – Notice of Delegation of Authority
422C – Teacher in Charge Form
600 Nurturing and Developing Human Resources601 Electronic Monitoring
602 Employee Fitness for Duty602A – Employee Fitness for Duty Assessment Guidelines
603 Child Sexual Abuse Prevention and Reporting603A Form for Reporting Concerning Behaviour
603B Protocol for Reporting and Investigating Concerning Behaviour
700 Healthy Schools and Workplaces701 Confirmed Case of Fifth Disease701A Fifth Disease Poster
701B Fifth Disease Letter to Parents
702 Administration of Medication702A Authorization for Administration of Medication Form
702B Individual Student Record of Administered Medication
702C Prevalent Medical Condition & Medical Plan of Care Form – Anaphylaxis
702D Prevalent Medical Condition & Medical Plan of Care Form – Asthma
702E Prevalent Medical Condition & Medical Plan of Care Form – Diabetes
702F Prevalent Medical Condition & Medical Plan of Care Form – Epilepsy
703 Occupational Health and Safety
704 Anaphylaxis704A Authorization for Administration of Medication Form
704B Letter to Parents – Notification of Allergies
704C Letter to Parents – Requesting EpiPens
704D Prevalent Medical Conditions
704E – Medical Conditions, Incidents and Emergencies
706 Asthma706A – Authorization for Administration of Medication
706B – Individual Student Record of Administered Medication
706C – Prevalent Medical Condition – Asthma
706D – Prevalent Medical Conditions – Letter to Parents and Guardians
716 Extreme Weather and Environmental Conditions716A – Heat Response
716B – Cold Response
716C – Hazards of Extreme Heat
716D – Hazards of Extreme Cold
729 Fall Prevention729 Appendix A – Ladder Inspection
733 Personal Protective Equipment733A – Footwear Guide
734 Working Alone734 Appendix A – High Risk Activities
734 Appendix B – Home Visits – Additional Precautions
800 Nurturing Employee Relations801 Employee Acceptable Use of Technology
802 Workplace Violence Prevention802A – Notification of Potential Risk of Injury
802B – Community Resources for Victims of Violence
803 Workplace Harassment Prevention803A Workplace Harassment Formal Complaint Form
1000 Positive Communications1001 Municipal, Provincial, and Federal Elections
1007 Video Surveillance
1015 Digital Discipleship – Student Responsible Use of Technology1015A – Catholic Elementary School Student Responsible Use Agreement
1015B – Catholic Secondary School Responsible Use Agreement
1100 Nurturing and Protecting Resources1101 Travel & Expense Claim, Hospitality & Corporate Credit Cards1101A – Travel Expense Form
1101B – Checklist
1101C – Board-wide Mileage KM Chart
1101D – Visa Submission Form
1200 Nurturing Community Partnerships1202 Protocol for Partnerships with External Agencies1202A – Partnership Agreement for SBRS Provider
1202B – Partnership Agreement for non-SBRS Provider
1202C Approved SBRS Employee Confidentiality Agreement
1202D – Approved non-SBRS Employee Confidentiality Agreement
1202E – Parental Consent Form

Table B

Section A – GovernancePolicy NameProcedure NameForms
 A1 Governance Manual  
 A2 Board By-laws Committee Terms of Reference
 A3:1 now replaced by 104 in Table A (above)
 A4 now replaced by 102 in Table A (above)  
 A5 Trustee Code of ConductA5:1 now replaced by 101 in Table A (above) 
 A6 Communication Guidelines  
 A7 Vacancy Board Member  
Section B – School OperationsPolicy NameProcedure NameForms
B1 Health & SafetySee DP 700 Table AB1:1 now replaced by 702 in Table A (above)
  B1:2 now replaced by 704 in Table A (above)
  B1:3 Voluntary Accident Insurance 
  B1:4 Pediculosis 
  B1:5 now replaced by 716 in Table A (above) 
  B1:6 Nutrition 
  B1:7 now replaced by 403 in Table A (above) 
  B1:8 Playground Equipment 
  B1:9 ConcussionsCDSBEO Concussion Handbook
  B1:10 Small Appliances in Schools 
  B1:11 now replaced by 706 in Table A (above) 
  B1:12 Emergency Onsite Administration of Naloxone 
  B1:13 now replaced by 404 in Table A (above). 
B1:17 now replaced by 702 in Table A (above).
B2 Code of Conduct B2:1 Standards of Behaviour 
  B2:2 now replaced by 401 in Table A (above) 
  B2:3 now replaced by 413 in Table A (above) 
  B2:4 now replaced by 414 in Table A (above)
  B2:5 Dress Code 
  B2:6 Substance Abuse 
  B2:7 Intimidation and Threats 
  B2:8 Staff Incident 
  B2:9 Vandalism and Theft 
  B2:10 Assault and Fighting 
  B2:11 Weapons 
  B2:12 Police Involvement 
  B2:13 Antiracism and Ethnocultural Equity 
  B2:14 now replaced by 422 in Table A (above) 
  B2:15 Safe Schools Reporting 
  B2:16 Informing Parents/Guardians 
  B2:17 Staff Response to Student Behaviour 
  B2:18 Supporting Students at Risk 
B3 Access to School Premises B3:1 Access and TrespassingLetter for Trespassing
  B3:2 Access to Pupils 
  B3:3 Visitors to SchoolsVisitor/VIP Daily Log
  B3:4 School Volunteers 
  B3:5 Apprehension or Arrest of Pupils 
B4 Field Trips B4:1 now replaced by 201 in Table A (above).
  B4:2 now replaced by 201 in Table A (above). 
B5 Instruction ProgramB5 now replaced by 200 in Table A (above)B5:1 now replaced by 205 in Table A (above)
  B5:2 Home SchoolingParent Intent Form
School Notice Form
  B5:3 Early and Ongoing Identification 
  B5:4 now replaced by 203 and 204 in Table A (above).
  B5:5 now replaced by 209 in Table A (above).
  B5:6 Attendance Codes 
  B5:7 Movies During ClassApproval Form
  B5:8 Attendance
  B5:9 Textbooks 
  B5:10 French Immersion Admission and WithdrawalAdmission Form

Withdrawal Form
  B5:11 now replaced by 204 in Table A (above).
B6 Indigenous Self-IdentificationB6:1 now replaced by 301 in Table A (above). 
B7 Catholic School CouncilB7 Catholic School CouncilB7:1 Catholic School Council 
B8 Admission of StudentsB8:1 now replaced by 206 Admission of Students in Table A above.
B9 Religious EducationB9 Religious EducationB9:1 Religious Education Courses 
  B9:2 now replaced by 306 in Table A (above) 
B10 School UniformB10 School Uniform  
B11 Protocol for PartnershipsB11:1 now replaced by 1202 in Table A (above)
B12 Environmental EducationB12 Environmental Education  
B13 Equity and Inclusive EducationB13 Equity and Inclusive EducationB13:1 Equity and Inclusive Education 
B14 Healthy FoodsB14 Healthy FoodsB14:1 School Food And Beverage 
B15 Fees for Learning MaterialsB15 Fees for Learning MaterialsB15:1 Fees for Learning Materials 
B16 FundraisingB16 FundraisingB16:1 Fundraising 
B17 CopyrightB:17 CopyrightB17:1 Copyright 
Section C – BusinessPolicy NameProcedure NameForms
C1 BusinessC1 Business  
  C1:2 Monitoring School Operating BudgetApproaching Over-Budget

Over Budget

  C1:4 Year-end Procedures 
  C1:5 Charitable Donations 
  C1:6 School Generated FundsCDSBEO School Generated Funds Guidelines
  C1:7 Corporate Sponsorship 
  C1:8 Purchasing 
  C1:9 Investment of Surplus Funds 
  C1:10 Perquisites 
C2 Fair Labour PracticesC2 Fair Labour Practices – School UniformsC2:1 Fair Labour Practices – School Uniforms 
C3 Expenditure Guidelines C3:1 now replaced by AP1101 Table A
  C3:2 Advocacy Expenditure Guidelines 
  C3:3 Advertising Guidelines 
C4 TransportationC4 Transportation  
C5 Plant Operations C5:1 Official Naming of Board Facilities 
  C5:2 Power Outage 
C6 Facility PartnershipsC6 Facility PartnershipsC6:1 Community Planning and Partnerships 
C7 Good Samaritan Trust FundC7 Good Samaritan Trust FundC7:1 Good Samaritan Trust Fund 
C8 Pupil Accommodation ReviewC8 Pupil Accommodation ReviewC8:1 Pupil Accommodation Review 
Section D – Safety & SecurityPolicy NameProcedure NameForms
D1 Occupational Health & SafetySee AP 703 Table AD1:1 Emergency Procedures for Natural Gas and Toxic Combustion Fumes 
  D1:2 Roles and Responsibilities 
  D1:2 a) Workplace Inspection
  D1:2 b) Check List 
  D1:2 c) Employee Accident/Incident Reporting and Investigation
  D1:2 e) Medical Treatment 
  D1:3 Hazardous Material 
  D1:4 Reporting Accidents to the Ministry of Labour 
  D1:5 Volunteer Drivers 
  D1:6 Hot Work Permit 
  D1:7 now replaced with 1007 in Table A (above) 
  D1:8 Confined Spaces 
  D1:9 Hazard Recognition, Assessment and Control 
  D1:10 now replaced with 729 in Table A (above). 
  D1:11 Hearing Conservation 
  D1:12 Lockout-Tagout 
  D1:13 Machine Guarding 
  D1:14 now replaced with 733 in Table A (above).  
  D1:15 now replaced with 734 in Table A (above). 
  D1:16 Contractor Health and Safety Requirements 
D1:17 COVID-19 medical Mask/Eye Protection for Employees
D:2 Emergency Preparedness D2:1 Earthquakes 
  D2:2 Lockdown 
  D2:3 Tornadoes 
  D2:4 Bomb Threat 
Section E – Human ResourcesPolicy NameProcedure NameForms
E1 Human ResourcesE1 Human ResourcesE1:1 Application Process for Occasional Teachers 
  See AP 701 – Table A 
  See AP 803 – Table A 
  E1:5 Performance Evaluation – Non-Teaching Sector 
  E1:6 School Secretaries Temporary Replacement 
  E1:7 Nepotism 
  E1:8 Absence Reporting E1:8 Medical Certificate
  E1:9 Confidential Medical Records 
  E1:10 Staffing Plan and Hiring Process 
E1:11 Conflict of Interest
E2 Accessibility Standards for Customer ServiceE2 Accessibility Standards for Customer ServiceE2:1 Accessibility Standards for Customer Service 
  E2: 2 Accessibility Standards for Information and Communication 
  E2:3 Accessibility Standards for Employment 
E3 Attendance SupportE3 Attendance Support ProgrammeE3:1 Attendance Support
  E3:2 Disability Management 
E4 Discipline, Suspension and DismissalE4 Discipline, Suspension and DismissalE4:1 Discipline, Suspension and Dismissal 
E5 Employee Mental Health & Well BeingE5 Employee Mental Health & Well Being  
E5:1 Employee Right to Disconnect from Work
Section F – CommunicationsPolicy NameProcedure NameForms
F1 Communications SystemsF1 now replaced by 1000 in Table A (above)F1:1 now replaced by 1015 in Table A (above) 
  F1:2 Use of Student Information and Image 
  F1:3 Use of Personally Owned Computers 
  F1:4 Security Incident Management Procedure 
  F1:5 Use of Cellular Phones and Other Handheld Communications Devices 
  F1:6 ICT Security Procedure 
F2 Personal Information ManagementF2 Freedom of Information and Protection of PrivacyF2:1 Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy 
  F2:2 Ontario Student RecordsOrder of Enclosures
Access – student over 18
Access – student under 18
Notification of Student Transfer
Request from Within Ontario
Request from Outside of Ontario
Verification of Content
Access to OSR
Parental Consent
Parental Consent 2
Process for Transferring Inactive OSRs
  F2:3 Transcript Requests 
  F2:4 now replaced by 202 found in Table A (above).  
  F2:5 Secure and Responsible Use of Personal and Confidential Information 
  F2:6 Privacy Breaches 
  F2:7 Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation 
F3 Information and Records Management F3:1 Information and Records Management 
F4 Community RelationsF4 Community RelationsF4:1 Safe ArrivalForm Letter
  F4:2 Community Use of SchoolsOSBIE Insurance Program
  F4:3 School Blessing, Official Opening and Anniversaries 
  F4:4 now replaced by 1001 in Table A (above) 
  F4:5 Flag Protocol 
F4:6 Use of Electronic Communications and Social MediaCDSBEO Social Media Guidelines for Employees