Community VTRA Protocol: Violence, Threat Risk Assessment

A collaborative response to assessing potential violence has been created by both school boards, in partnership with Police Services and Community Agencies. The CDSBEO and its community partners are committed to making our schools safe for students and staff. As a result, schools will respond to all student behaviours that pose a potential risk to other students, staff, and members of the community.

The risk and threat assessment process is designed to be proactive in developing intervention plans that address the emotional and physical safety of those involved. Each school has a Risk/Threat Assessment Team which is multi-disciplinary and includes the school administration, designated board regional leads, and school based support staff. The Community Threat Assessment team may also include police, the Children’s Aid Society, youth justice, and children’s mental health practitioners.

For more information, please download the Community VTRA Protocol document posted under Resource Downloads.


Checkered Flags

The checkered Flags Document is a resource developed to assist professionals in responding effectively to various issues that impact on student mental health and well-being, as well as increase the level of awareness and access to effective supports and services. The document provides general information, characteristics, available support agencies as well as practical Action Strategies for all professionals involved.

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Suicide Prevention, Intervention and Risk Review (SPIRR) Protocol

The goal of the Suicide Prevention, Intervention and Risk Review (SPIRR) Protocol is to increase education and awareness on the topic of suicide, to assist district school boards and community partners to take active steps to support students who pose a risk of suicide and to ensure the safety and well-being of all children and youth in our communities. For the full version of the protocol, please visit the link under Resource Downloads on this page.

For more information on suicide prevention please visit: 

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