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Audit Committee

The role of the Audit Committee is to assist the Board of Trustees in fulfilling its duties related to governance and oversight as prescribed by Ontario Regulation 361/10 – September 2010. The Audit Committee meets three to four times per year to manage the following duties:

  • Oversee the financial accounting and reporting practices and issues
  • Oversee the Board’s system of internal controls
  • Oversee the internal and external audit function
  • Oversee the Board’s system for monitoring compliance with legislative requirements
  • Oversee the Board’s risk management system

Meeting Minutes

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Additional Resources

Audit Committee – Regulation 361 10


Audit Committee
C/O Superintendent of Business & Treasurer
2755 Highway 43, Kemptville
1-800-443-4562 or 613-258-7757

Audit Committee Members

Karen McAllister, Chairperson (CDSBEO)
Christopher Cummings (CDSBEO)
Nancy Kirby (External Member)
Joe Basile (External Member)

Audit Committee Resources

Ashley Hutchinson, CPA, CA, Superintendent of Business & Treasurer, CDSBEO
Traci Bloomfield, CPA, CMA, Manager of Finance, CDSBEO
Rob Clayton, External Audit Partner, KPMG LLP