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French Programs

At the Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario, we understand that knowledge of a second language is valuable for many reasons. The CDSBEO French as a Second Language (FSL) programming aims to maximize opportunities for students to reach their full potential in FSL.

The Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario offers a range of FSL programs all of which focuses on the development of communication skills, taught in authentic and meaningful contexts. Our programs reflect the Ontario Ministry of Education’s Vision for FSL.

Vision and Goals for French as a Second Language – Core, Extended, and Immersion, Grades 1-12


Students will communicate and interact with growing confidence in French, one of Canada’s official languages, while developing the knowledge, skills, and perspectives they need to participate fully as citizens in Canada and in the world.


In all French as a second language programs, students realize the vision of the FSL curriculum as they strive to:

  • use French to communicate and interact effectively in a variety of social settings;
  • learn about Canada, its two official languages, and other cultures;
  • appreciate and acknowledge the interconnectedness and interdependence of the global community;
  • be responsible for their own learning, as they work independently and in groups;
  • use effective language learning strategies;
  • become lifelong language learners for personal growth and for active participation as world citizens.

For a complete list of CDSBEO FSL programming by school, please visit our school directory.

Parent Resources

FSL Homework Help websitewww.fslhomeworktoolbox.ca
This site supports parents with children enrolled in a French Immersion (FI) program by providing supports to assist  with homework in French. It is also a resource for FI students who require an accessible user friendly reference tool to help with homework.

Bon Patronwww.bonpatron.com This website provides supports for French grammar and spelling.

French Street:  www.frenchstreet.ca 
This website offers a unique collection of French resources designed to support teachers, students and parents.

Canadian Parents for French (Ontario)www.on.cpf.ca
This website provides parental support and information on all French Second Language (FSL) education (Core French, Extended French and French Immersion as well as French full-day Kindergarten and French preschool programs) in the Public and Catholic school boards in Ontario and private schools.

Including Students with Special Education Needs in French as a Second Language:  www.edu.gov.on.ca/eng/amenagement/includingfls2015.pdf

A Framework for French as a Second Language in Ontario Schools:  www.edu.gov.on.ca/eng/amenagement/frameworkfls.pdf

Supporting Your Child’s Success in French Immersion and Extended French – Elementary Schools, A Parent Guidewww.edu.gov.on.ca/eng/literacynumeracy/parentguidefrench.pdf

Welcoming English Language Learners into French as a Second Language Programs:  www.edu.gov.on.ca/eng/amenagement/welcoming.pdf

Elementary FSL Curriculum in Ontariowww.edu.gov.on.ca/elementary/

Secondary FSL Curriculum in Ontariowww.edu.gov.on.ca/secondary/

Framework for FSL in Ontariowww.edu.gov.on.ca/framework/

Other Resources

Are you considering French Immersion for your child?

Check out this great testimonial from Alexis, a student at St. Mary Catholic High School, about why FSL is such a great program pathway!

French language learning can open doors for many opportunities, during your child’s educational years, and beyond!


FSL Programs
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