Every school in the Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario offers French programs that responds to the needs of the students in each community.

French Immersion, Core French or Intensive and Post-Intensive French is offered and this means your child can learn French in their neighbourhood school, regardless of the French pathway they choose.

Designed to Meet the Needs of Your Child

Our programs are designed in alignment with the French Revised Curriculum of the Ontario Ministry of Education, and are trusted to meet the needs of our various communities. We recognize the unique learning needs of all children and offer pathways that will allow every child to learn French in the way that it best suits his/her individual needs and interests and will ultimately lead him/her to be proficient in French.

Core French: Kindergarten to Grade 8, 40 minutes of instruction per day and Grades 9-12, one course is offered per year.

French Immersion: Early French Immersion may be offered from Kindergarten, through to grade 12, while middle immersion may be offered in grade 5 to 8. This program includes the study of French as a second language, and the study of several other subjects taught in French, for a total of 150 minutes of instruction per day (50 per cent of the day).

Intensive French and Post-Intensive French: Some of our schools offer Intensive French at the grade 5 level , which is 200  minutes of French language instruction per day for the first 5 months of the school year, and 60 minutes for the remaining 5 months. At the grade 6 to 8 level, French language is taught for 60 minutes per day for the entire school year. In grades 9-12,  in some of our secondary schools, Post-Intensive French is one course offered per year.