Achieving Literacy for All

  • Practise our shared belief that all students can reach their potential in literacy given sufficient time and support
  • Engage in collaborative work focused on student learning and achievement through reflection, dialogue and inquiry
  • Deepen the focus on universal design and differentiated instruction to meet the learning needs of all students and increase critical thinking skills
  • Model appropriate problem solving strategies and provide students with multiple opportunities to apply their learning, so that students engage in meaningful discourse and activities that are authentic and relevant to daily life
  • Sustain and extend learning opportunities for learners to achieve their unique individual goals on their journey towards a meaningful graduation outcome
  • Foster an environment that is responsive to student voice, confidence, and student engagement
  • Develop effective transition plans, in collaboration with students, parents, and community partners, for all students with IEPs
  • Ensure student diagnostic assessments are used to close the gaps for identified and at-risk learners
  • Seek out parental voice at all levels including through groups such as SEAC, Parent Involvement Committee, and Catholic School Councils


Living Our Catholic Faith

  • Provide support in Religious and Family Life Education that is designed to assist students and staff to deepen their understanding of our guiding spiritual Board themes
  • Ensure the delivery of quality Religious and Family Life Education and Catholic Character Development Curriculum throughout the Board
  • Provide the essential resources for school communities to fully explore and bring to life the seasons of the liturgical year
  • Create and celebrate inclusive and accepting environments in our school and Board communities where all students and staff feel safe, valued, and heard
  • Promote the use of Catholic Professional Learning Communities to support student learning and achievement, and the faith development of all staff
  • Promote strong home–school–parish community relationships for the mutual benefit of students, families, staff, clergy, parishioners and the broader community
  • Develop a comprehensive communication strategy to increase the awareness of, and participation in Catholic education
  • Build student resiliency and positive mental health and stop bullying through a variety of strategies including Restorative Practices
  • Implement the new elementary Religious and Family Life policy


Making Resources Matter

  • Promote a healthy working environment which respects the dignity and worth of every person while ensuring continuous improvement in service delivery, program provision, and staff growth, to support improved student achievement and success
  • Set priorities for the use of fiscal resources which are consistent with the Board’s Vision and Mission statements, and are in compliance with the Ministry of Education’s mandates, regulations and guidelines
  • Continue and actively pursue joint partnerships and facilitate the optimal use of resources
  • Provide transparency and accountability with regard to the allocation of resources through the internal and external audit committees, and through the provision of financial reports to the Board three times per year
  • Build public confidence through excellence in education and service
  • Seek out and utilize technologies, including social media, to ensure effective and efficient communication practices