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Frequently Asked Questions

1.   How can I help my child succeed in French?

Even if you do not speak or understand French, you can discuss your child’s work with them, communicate regularly with the teacher and read to them in English or in their mother tongue.

2.   Will my child’s English skills suffer because of immersion?

This question has been studied extensively in Canada and abroad.  The conclusion is: knowledge of another language is actually beneficial in improving capabilities in the first language, and increases the ability to learn a third and fourth language.

A recent study of the EQAO reading, writing and mathematics assessment conducted in English revealed that at grade 6 “immersion students outperformed those in the regular program in all skill areas.”

3.   If my child is having academic or other problems in French immersion, should he be transferred to the English stream?

Research and experience have shown that children with problems can benefit from a French immersion program.  They learn their basic skills at their individual rate and still acquire competence in French.  There are very few instances where transferring a child out of immersion benefits the child.

4.   I live in an Anglophone community.  How can my child practice the French skills learned in class?

Students of the CDSBEO can participate in several extracurricular activities that involve speaking French : École de neige, Nature et Patrimoine, cultural trips to Québec and France, in-school performances by francophone performers, French clubs, public speaking competitions.


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