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Freedom of Information and Privacy 

The Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario (CDSBEO) is committed to ensuring that all personal information that is collected, used, disclosed and retained in its school system is protected in accordance with the expectations of parents, students and its employees and in compliance with its obligations under the Ontario Education Act, the Ontario Student Record (OSR) Guideline, and the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (MFIPPA). 

Data Collection

In accordance with Ontario’s access and privacy laws, the CDSBEO collects personal information from a parent, guardian, or student if at least one of the following applies:   

  • the collection is specifically authorized by a law such as the Education Act (e.g., collecting information for the OSR, or for student registration purposes)   
  • the information is used for law enforcement purposes   
  • it is necessary to deliver educational services or other related activities
  • in circumstances related to health and safety

The CDSBEO cannot use or disclose the personal information in its custody for purposes other than those for which the personal information was collected, unless the CDSBEO has obtained the prior written consent of the individual to whom the information relates, or unless it is permitted to do so by law or required to do so by law.  

Requesting Personal Information 

The CDSBEO must allow an individual access to any of their personal information which is held by the Board in accordance with the provisions of the Education Act and MFIPPA, subject to any mandatory or discretionary exceptions. 

Visit our Transcripts page to request an Ontario Student Transcript (OST). The fee for requesting a transcript is $5.00 per request (non-refundable, paid via cash or money order only). 

To request access to your personal information or any information you cannot find on the CDSBEO website, through the school, or that is beyond a transcript request, see “Freedom of Information (FOI)” section below. 

Freedom of Information (FOI) 

Members of the public have the right to request access to information under MFIPPA. The CDSBEO is required to provide individuals with access to certain records, as well as to their own personal information with limited exceptions. 

For those instances where the information requested is sensitive or falls beyond provincial legislation with respect to privacy, then a Freedom of Information (FOI) request must be submitted. 

The requester can choose to submit anonymously and is not required to disclose the reason for the request. 

FOI Process

To initiate an FOI request, please complete this form requesting the information and send it to CDSBEO Office of the Director of Education, or mail to:  

Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario 
Freedom of Information Requests 
2755 Highway 43 
Kemptville, ON K0G 1J0 

Please note that the fee for submitting an FOI request is $5.00 (non-refundable, paid via cash or money order only). There may be fee charges beyond this, including: 

  • Computer related tasks – $15.00 per half hour of screen time 
  • Physical search – $7.50 per half hour 
  • Record preparation – $7.50 per half hour 
  • Photocopying – $0.20 per page 
  • Electronic storage – $20.00 per USB Flash Drive
  • Postage and shipping charges 
  • An appeal to an FOI request result will also carry a fee.  

If it is estimated that the total fee for the FOI request is greater than $100.00, a deposit may be required. 

FOI Timeline

Legislation allows the CDSBEO 30 days to respond to FOI requests. You will be notified if more information or clarification of your request is required, if the volume of records requires more time to complete the request, or if third parties are involved. 

If you are not satisfied with our response to your request, you can appeal to the Office of the Information and Privacy Commission of Ontario

Contact Us

Questions or concerns regarding privacy or information requests can be directed to:  

Amber LaBerge, Communications Lead 
2755 Highway 43 
Kemptville, ON K0G 1J0 
phone: 613-258-7757 
Email Amber LaBerge