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2024 CDSBEO Grade 7 & 8 Science Fair

Today at St. Michael Catholic High School in Kemptville, Grade 7 & 8 students showcased their innovative projects at the 2024 CDSBEO Science Fair. Judges from the Curriculum Team carefully reviewed projects from the fields of invention, experimentation, and research. Congratulations to all participants for their outstanding work!  A big thank you to our student judges from St. Michael CHS for their valuable contributions!

2024 CDSBEO Science Fair Winners

Top Invention 

Microbit Watering
Kenzie Maxwell & Lilah Emerson 
St. Francis Xavier 

Top Research 

Nuclear Batteries: No Need to Recharge
Alyssa Morena 
CDSBEO Virtual Learning School

Top Experiment 

How does Weather affect Solar Cell Output
Kishori Rajkumar
Holy Trinity CSS

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