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CDSBEO Catholic Education Week Events

Please see below for a list of events taking place during Catholic Education Week (May 1-5) across the CDSBEO. Should you wish to attend any of the events listed below, please contact the school.

Monday, May 1

CDSBEOBoard-wide Mass
St. Finnan Basilica
11:00 a.m.
Bishop Macdonell Catholic SchoolCatholic Education Week Launch: school, staff and student blessing
“When we listen”
9:45 am (school gym)
Iona AcademySchool Catholic Education Week Mass
11:00 am
*students participating in the mass, grade 8 class signing Our Father
J.L. Jordan Catholic SchoolCatholic Education Week Opening Liturgy
9:30 am
*students will complete a Métis dot art project around deepening our understanding of Indigenous culture and reconciliation
Mother Teresa Catholic SchoolAnti-Bullying Magic Show: Theme – Kindness and Respect
*multiple sessions throughout the day
Notre Dame CHSSchool Liturgy with Fr. Stephane
1:15 pm
St. Edward Catholic SchoolCatholic Education Week School Wide Assembly
9:30 am
*led by the Kindergarten class
St. Finnan’s Catholic SchoolCatholic Education Week Mass
St. Finnan’s Basilica
11:00am – St. Finnan’s students will be involved in serving mass, readings, choir luncheon at the school, and students will welcome our guests and close the event with CEW Theme Song
St. Joseph Catholic School, GananoqueLiturgy: Feast Day of St. Joseph and Catholic Education Week
10:00 am (school gym)
St. Joseph Catholic Secondary SchoolIntermediate Door Art Activity & Secondary Art Classes
Banners will be created for “We are Many, We are One.” These will be displayed on the doors in the Intermediate wing and then all banners will be collected for a visual collage.
St. Jude Catholic SchoolCatholic Education Week Assembly & Kick-off
Read-aloud: “The Invisible Boy”
1:30 pm
St. Luke CHS & St. James Catholic Education CentreWe Are Many, We Are One Art Activity
Period 3 – 11:25 am
*All students will participate in creating artwork depicting this year’s CEW theme. The artwork will then be used to decorate the school and chapel.
St. Mark Catholic SchoolCatholic Education Week Kick-off Assembly
10:00 am
*Presentation of sub-themes, Umbrella Project Certificate presentation, participation in theme one activities throughout the day

School-wide Christian Meditation
3:00 pm
St. Mary Catholic School, ChestervilleCatholic Education Week Liturgy & Kick-off
Umbrella Assembly
10:00 a.m.
St. Mary Catholic School, Carleton PlaceBook Fair (all day)

Junior Lesson – The Invisible Boy
St. Mary-St. Cecilia Catholic SchoolSchool Mass
St. Mary Catholic Church
9:30 am
St. Matthew CSSParish Cleanup
11:30 – 1:00 pm

St. Columban Treaties Floor Map (Gym Floor)
*all week
St. Patrick Catholic SchoolWe’re All in the Same Boat, Read-aloud Activity
11:15 am

Awareness Walk (pm)
*delivering seeds to neighbouring homes

Tuesday, May 2

Mother Teresa Catholic SchoolParent Mental Wellness Session (evening presentation)
*CHEO team will share the importance of mental wellbeing in youth, and discuss how to support your facing challenges
Holy Trinity CSSStudent Musician Performance
10:35-11:35 am
Sacred Heart Catholic School, CornwallLiving Rosary, Junior Division
2:30 p.m.
*activity will be held outside, weather permitting, otherwise in the school gym
St. Anne Catholic SchoolTree Teachings
9:30 am – 2:00 pm
*students will learn about the features of trees and their purpose from a Haudenosaunee perspective with Ms. Anne (community partner)
St. Finnan’s Catholic SchoolDesign & Creation 2 x 1 hour workshops with Professor Scott Curie
*students to design and create using a 3-D printer and other digital tools Grades 5/6: 9:30 am, Grades 7/8: 11:00 am
St. Gregory Catholic SchoolCarleton Place Mayor Toby Randell School Visit
*Mayor Randell will visit the school in the morning and speak to the grade 3 students, visit other classrooms
St. John Bosco Catholic SchoolBee-Venture, Blue Marble Learning Scene
9:30-11:30 am
St. John Bosco Community Garden (Dana Street)
*Kindergarten students will be led through investigation into the life of honeybees
St. John CHSRelay for Life Kick-off Assembly
9:30-10:40 am
*parents, families, survivors welcome
St. Joseph’s CSS“When we Listen” Rhythm Room Indigenous Drumming Activity
*activity will take place throughout the school day in the mezzanine, Intermediate wing (8:00 am – 2:10 pm)
St. Mark Catholic SchoolChess Fun Day at St. John Bosco
10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
*a group of St. Mark students will travel to St. John Bosco for the event

School-wide Christian Meditation
3:00 p.m.
St. Mary Catholic School, Carleton PlaceJunior Lesson: Listen to the Wind – The Story of Greg & Three Cups of Tea
*throughout the day
St. Patrick Catholic SchoolMindful Meditation Activity
2:45 pm
*all classes
St. Peter Catholic SchoolSchool Devotion to Mary
St. Peter’s Parish
1:30 pm

Wednesday, May 3

CDSBEOProvincial Catholic Education Week Mass
1:30 pm
*Celebrated by His Eminence Cardinal Collins, St. Michael’s Cathedral Basilica
Livestream link: to be posted
Bishop Macdonell Catholic School“We will reflect” Collage Creation

*Each student we will complete the statement, “I am grateful for my Catholic School Community because…” These statements will be combined to create a schoolwide collage. Students will complete the statement in their classroom during the morning and in the afternoon the collage will be completed. 
Holy Name of Mary Catholic SchoolLiving Rosary
2:45 pm
*All students will participate in a living rosary in the gym.
Mother Teresa Catholic SchoolOfficial Renaming & Blessing
11:00 am
*reception and lunch will be served following the blessing
Our Lady of Good CounselFormer CDSBEO teacher, James McIntyre, invited to read the book he authored with classes
*throughout the day
Pope John Paul IIOfficial Renaming & Blessing by Archbishop Damphousse
9:45 am
*refreshments to follow
Sacred Heart Catholic School, CornwallLiving Rosary, Primary Division
2:30 p.m.
*activity will be held outside, weather permitting, otherwise in the school gym
St. Andrew’s Catholic SchoolWelcome to Kindergarten Event
6:00-7:00 pm
St. Edward Catholic SchoolWelcome to Kindergarten Event
9:30-11:30 am
St. Gregory Catholic SchoolJump Rope for Heart
11:00 am
*will be held in the school gymnasium with students from Notre Dame CHS in attendance
St. Francis Xavier CHSGrade 7/8 Multicultural Lunch
11:30 am -12:30 pm
*school cafeteria
St. John Bosco Catholic SchoolJump Rope for Heart
2:00-3:00 pm

Welcome to Kindergarten Event
6:00-7:00 pm
St. John CHSLanark County Junior Badminton Tournament
*taking place all day in the school gym for elementary schools across Lanark County
St. Luke CHS & St. James Catholic Education CentreOutdoor Liturgy of the Word
10:00 am
*St. Luke will gather as a school community outdoors with Fr. Brent to celebrate CEW
St. Matthew CSSCommunity Clean-up
11:30 am – 1:00 pm
St. Mark Catholic SchoolDance Instruction Activity – Four Seasons Dance Academy

School-wide Christian Meditation
3:00 pm

Welcome to Kindergarten Open House
5:30-7:30 pm
St. Mary Catholic School, ChestervilleIndigenous Games (Inuit) Presentation
*taking place throughout the school day
St. Mary Catholic School, Carleton PlaceRosary
1:30 pm
*whole school activity
St. Mary CHSActivities in the Chapel with Chaplain Shallow
9:15 am
*grade 6 students from St. Francis Xavier will be visiting St. Mary CHS to participate and lunch will be prepared and served by the hospitality class
St. Michael CHSOntario Catholic Student Youth Day
9:30 am – 2:30 pm
*taking place in the chapel
St. Patrick Catholic SchoolDivisional Read Aloud & Activities
am activity
*in the library

Firefighter Presentation
*afternoon, school gym

Thursday, May 4

CDSBEOJust-Us Youth Day (all day)
*For grade 10 students led by the school chaplain

Virtual Guest Speaker – Dillon Mendes (TedX Catholic Speaker)
9:30 a.m.
*many events and workshops taking place in all schools with a focus on Catholic Social Teachings
Bishop Macdonell Catholic Celebrating “When we Learn”
11:00 am
*classroom buddies will come together to complete an activity for CEW
Holy Name of Mary Catholic SchoolCatholic Education Week Open House
8:00-9:00 am
*Parents and other special guests are invited to visit classrooms and school. Refreshments will be provided.
Holy Trinity CSSRosary in the Chapel 
9:00 am

The Price is Human Rights – Just-Us Youth Day Celebration
11:00 am
Notre Dame CHSFamily Spaghetti Dinner
4:15-7:30 pm
*hosted by Grade 8 students for their families
St. Edward Catholic SchoolDecorating the Gymnasium for CEW
*students will spend the afternoon decorating the gymnasium using the theme for CEW
St. Gregory Catholic SchoolSchool-Wide Kindness Card Making
*afternoon and prepare to deliver Friday
St. Finnan’s Catholic SchoolWelcome to Kindergarten Event
10:30 am
St. Francis de Sales Catholic SchoolSchool Mass at St. Francis de Sales Parish
St. Francis Xavier Catholic SchoolSchool Mass, St. Francis Xavier Church
12:10 pm
St. Francis Xavier CHSIndigenous Games and Art Day
*throughout the day for students in grades 7/8
St. John Bosco Catholic SchoolFirst Communion Retreat – St. John Bosco Parish
10:00 am – 2:00 pm
St. Joseph’s CSSJust-Us Youth Day Breakfast Event
8:15 am
*school cafeteria
St. Joseph Catholic School, ToledoStudent vs Staff Volleyball Game
2:30 pm
*in the school gymnasium
St. Joseph Catholic School, GananoqueSchool Mass, St. John the Evangelist Church
10:00 am
*presentations of the Catholic Education Week Awards
St. Jude Catholic SchoolLiving Rosary
1:30 pm
*in the school gymnasium
St. Luke CHS & St. James Catholic Education CentreSt. Luke CHS Mini-Clinics (all day)
*welcoming students from all feeders schools to experience St. Luke through engaging activities with a focus on CEW themes
St. Mary Catholic School, Carleton PlaceFaith Play Day
*I Belong Here Club to lead
St. Mark Catholic SchoolSchool-wide Christian Meditation
3:00 pm
St. Michael CHSJust Us Youth Day Liturgy for Grade 10 Students
8:30 am
*Grade 10 student activities

Dillon Mendes Presentation (afternoon for all students)
St. Patrick Catholic SchoolCommunity Event: Walk-a-thon
1:15-3:30 pm
St. Peter Catholic SchoolReconciliation Retreat and Sacrament of Reconciliation, St. Peter’s Parish
10:00 am – 2:00 pm

Friday, May 5

Bishop Macdonell Catholic SchoolLiving Rosary
11:00 am
*outside in the school yard
Holy Cross Catholic SchoolWe Are Many, We Are One Artists on Display – Holy Cross Catholic School Gym
All day
*using pre-designed puzzle pieces, every class will create a piece of art that reflects their unique gifts and how they are part of a school community
Mother Teresa Catholic SchoolJump Rope for Heart (am)
*will be held in the school yard
Our Lady of Good CounselJunior/Intermediate – Celebration of Education Social
6:00-8:00 pm
Pope John Paul II Catholic SchoolWhole School Nature Walk
*will be held in the school yard, families welcome
Sacred Heart Catholic School, CornwallActivity: Liturgy of the Word
*all classes to participate
Location: outdoors, weather permitting if not in the gym
Time: 1:30 if outdoors, 2:30 if indoors
St. Andrew’s Catholic SchoolCatholic Education in Action
1:00-2:30 pm
*The St. Andrew’s community will be invited to the school to tour the classrooms and participate in answering the question: What Does Catholic Education Look Like? Each class will have their own activities that they will share with guests as they tour the school.
St. Anne Catholic SchoolPJ Walk
1:45-2:15 pm
St. EdwardSchool Mass
10:00 am
St. Francis de Sales Catholic SchoolLiving Rosary
*in the school gymnasium
St. Francis Xavier Catholic SchoolSTEM Activities
12:00 pm
*held in the gym, full school in attendance
St. Luke CHS & St. James Catholic Education CentreSt. Luke CHS Mini-Clinics (all day)
*welcoming students from all feeders schools to experience St. Luke through engaging activities with a focus on CEW themes
St. John Bosco Catholic SchoolSt. John Bosco – Maitland Water Festival
10:00 am – 2:00 pm (Maitland)
*Grade 3 and 4 students will explore the conservation of this precious resource through various hands on activities
St. John CHSCatholic Education Week Mass
1:00 pm
*in the school gymnasium
St. Joseph Catholic School, ToledoWe are Many, We are One School Concert and Celebration
(need time)

Outdoor Classroom
2:15 pm
*songs, skits, dances and videos with parents and families
St. Joseph Catholic School, GananoqueLiving Rosary
12:30 pm
*at the school led by student leaders
St. Joseph CSSVarious activities including:
Grade 8 Immersion Students to Senior Home for games
Thank you cards for custodians, bus drivers and admin assistants with CEW theme
Chip Chip Hooray – We wish you a wonderful day! Staff Appreciation lunch provided by Hospitality
St. Matthew CSSMental Health Community Walk (CMHA Champlain East)
10:30 am -12:00 pm
St. Mark Catholic SchoolLiving Rosary
10:00 am
*school-wide participation

School-wide Christian Meditation
3:00 pm
St. Mary Catholic School, ChestervilleJump Rope for Heart and Activities
*several stations for classes throughout the afternoon 
St. Mary Catholic School, Carleton PlaceMayor Randall Visits Grade 5 and 6 Students
10:00 am 
St. Michael Catholic High SchoolGrade 7-12 Heart Activity (am)
*all students receive a cut-out heart where they write a word or a phrase related to the theme, We are Many, We are One. They submit this to the chapel and it is posted on the giant heart in the main foyer.

Student vs Teacher Basketball Game (pm)
Walk-About to centre ourselves with Christ – Ferguson Forest followed by yard clean-up (pm)
St. Patrick Catholic SchoolJunkyard Symphony Presentation
11:15 am

CEW Wrap-up Liturgy
1:45 pm
St. Thomas Aquinas CHSSchool Spirit through Stewardship (pm)
*Grade 7 students will embark on a new school tradition where they will give back to the land by planting new plants and flowers in an effort to respect the land and give students ownership over common areas