Ontario EcoSchools is an environmental education and certification program for grades K-12 that helps school communities develop both ecological literacy and environmental practices to become environmentally responsible citizens and reduce the ecological footprint of schools.

Schools may apply to be certified as an EcoSchool through an annual certification process which assesses and recognizes accomplishments awarding points in six key areas of achievement. In order to become certified, schools must consider the certification guide, which provides a quick reference tool for the five steps to certification. The guide also provides tips for successful completion of the certification process. Schools receive points for five areas of consideration which must be complete to obtain an EcoSchools certification. These five areas include: teamwork and leadership, energy conservation, waste minimization, school ground greening, curriculum connections to the environment, and environmental stewardship.

Participating in the EcoSchools program gives students the opportunity not only to contribute to bettering the environment, but also to learn about the environment through integrated curriculum and there are a variety of projects which are happening to connect environmental issues to the curriculum. Some examples of activities which contribute to EcoSchools certification include: planting trees, growing plants, creating school gardens, garbage clean-up, composting, and recycling projects.

Schools from the CDSBEO first began applying to become certified as an Ontario EcoSchool in 2009. That year, three elementary and three secondary schools became certified. Since then, applications from the Board have grown exponentially each year.

All schools from the CDSBEO were challenged to become certified as an Ontario EcoSchool.

Please see below for a complete list of CDSBEO EcoSchools for the 2016-2017 school year.


Our Lady of Good Counsel Catholic School, Ingleside 52 Dickinson Dr Silver
Pope John Paul II Catholic School, Russell 3818 Legault Rd Bronze
Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic School, Lanark 134 North St Gold
Sacred Heart Catholic School, Cornwall 1424 Aubin Ave Platinum
School of Alternative and Continuing Education – Hanley Hall, Smiths Falls 30 McGill St. N. Bronze
St Andrew’s Catholic School, St. Andrews West 17283 County Road 18 Gold
St Anne Catholic School, Cornwall 607 Surgenor Ave Silver
St Edward Catholic School, Westport 51 Bedford St Gold
St Finnan’s Catholic School, Alexandria 220 Main St Bronze
St Francis de Sales Catholic School, Smiths Falls 43 Russell Street East Bronze
St Francis Xavier Catholic School, Brockville 74 Church St Silver
St James the Greater Catholic School, Smiths Falls 5 Catherine St Gold
St John Bosco Catholic School, Brockville 12 Durham St Gold
St John Catholic High School, Perth 2066 Scotch Line Rd RR 3 Silver
St John Catholic Elementary School, Perth 34 Wilson Street East Gold
St Joseph Catholic School, Gananoque 235 Georgiana St Gold
St Joseph Catholic School, Toledo 80 County Road 1, Main St Gold
St Joseph’s Catholic Secondary School, Cornwall 1500 A Cumberland St. Gold
St Jude Catholic School, Vankleek Hill 5355 Highway 34 Silver
St Mary Catholic High School, Brockville 40 Central Ave Gold
St Mary Catholic School, Carleton Place 4 Hawthorne Ave Silver
St Mary Catholic School, Chesterville 37 Main St Bronze
St Mary-St Cecilia Catholic School, Morrisburg 28 Shea Dr Silver
St Matthew Catholic Secondary School, Cornwall 822 Marlborough Street North Silver
St Michael Catholic High School, Kemptville 2755 Highway 43 Gold
St Patrick Catholic School, Rockland 1001 Heritage Dr Gold
St Peter Catholic School, Cornwall 1811 Second Street East Silver
St. Gregory Catholic School, Carleton Place 176 Townline Road West Bronze
St. Luke Catholic High School, Smiths Falls 4 Ross St Silver
St. Mark Catholic High School, Prescott 420 McAuley Rd 4 Bronze
St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic High School, Russell 1211 South Russell Rd 2 Gold