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Evening Cooperative Education

Are you looking for a chance to earn 2, 3, or even 4 high school credits and, at the same time, gain valuable experience in the workplace?

If your answer is yes, Evening Cooperative Education at the Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario is for you!

Cooperative Education is a learning experience that combines the classroom and the workplace. The courses are valuable to all adult learners as they are designed to suit the adult learner’s strengths, interests and needs, to enhance their preparation for the future.

Credits can be obtained by completing 90 hours of workplace experience with your present employer, or in a work placement of your choice, set up for you by one of our cooperative education teachers. As you work, you will receive pre-employment training and regularly scheduled in-class or e-learning instruction!

How Can You Register?

During the registration process, you will be required to provide a copy of your transcript, which you can get by contacting the school you last attended (i.e. your high school, even if you did not graduate).

For information, please contact Curriculum Secretary – Judith Beriault at 1-800-443-4562 ext. 271.

The evening cooperative education program is always accepting new students.
Call now and begin achieving your goals today!