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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding COVID-19 School Closures

Please note that this FAQ is a working resource, and the information below will be updated as we receive confirmation and clarification.

Impact on Assessment, Instruction and Graduation

Will eLearning courses continue?
If students wish to continue working on assignments for online courses, this is permitted, however, no teacher support will be provided. Additionally, students cannot currently join an elearning course.

Will EQAO and OSSLT assessments be cancelled?
The Ministry of Education has cancelled all further EQAO testing for this school year, including OSSLT.  Student graduation will not be impacted by this cancellation. Students who are not graduating this year will have an opportunity to write the OSSLT in the upcoming 2020-2021 school year.

Will students be provided with online learning opportunities during the closure?
The Ministry of Education has released phase one of the distance learning resources. Please visit the CDSBEO Distance Learning page. Phase two was released beginning April 6, 2020.

Will students be at risk of not graduating?
The school closures will not impact secondary school graduation.

Will this impact mid-term marks?
Students will not be penalized for missed work or assessments.

Will mid-terms be postponed?
Only grade 12 students will be receiving mid-term marks. Those marks will be posted and available to grade 12 students through their MyBlueprint account. If parents with students in other grades have questions, they are encouraged to connect with the teacher through email.

My current mark is low and I was looking to improve it before the mid-term marks are in. Will this closure impact my marks?
Teachers will work with students to ensure all opportunities for success are available.

Will this impact college and university applications?
We do not believe there will be an impact, however, it’s best that you check with your college or university.

Will Co-op placements continue during this time?
No. These placements are suspended during this time.

Should students in Dual Credit programs attend their college/university classes?
No, these placements are suspended during this time.

Will the school year be extended into the summer months?
We have not received this direction from the Ministry of Education. The decision to extend the school year would be made by them. It’s too early to determine if this will be necessary.

My child has an IEP. What special work is he/she going to get?
We are working with the Ministry of Education to determine next steps, and we are working with all departments, including Special Education, to determine a course of action moving forward – this will consider students with IEPs. More information will be forthcoming as soon as it becomes available.

Impact on Staff

Will school staff be expected to be at work?
Teachers who work in schools will not be expected to be at work between March 14 and the end of June, as per the Ministerial Order, however, staff are expected to be in the province and delivering the Learn at Home curriculum virtually. All board office staff will work remotely as directed by their immediate supervisor.

Will teachers be paid during this time?
Yes, all permanent teaching staff will be paid during this time.

Will non-teaching staff be paid during this time?
Yes, all permanent non-teaching staff will be paid during this time.

Will LTOs be paid during this time?
Yes, any teaching staff in an LTO position will be paid during this time.

​​Will central board offices be open during this time to staff and the public?
No, central board office staff will be instructed to work remotely, and board offices will be closed to the public.

Will staff be permitted to work virtually?
Yes, staff will be permitted and are encouraged to work virtually.

Impact on Other Programs and Childcare

Will child care centres in CDSBEO schools continue to operate?
No, all daycare, before and after school programs, and EarlyON centres located within CDSBEO schools will be closed from March 14 through to the end of June.

Will Adult and Continuing Education classes and programs continue?
Yes, all adult and continuing education classes are continuing through virtual learning. Our PSW students have also been moved to a virtual classroom to continue the theoretical part of their learning.

Additional Impact

Will Community Use of Schools permits be cancelled?
Yes, all permits issued under Community Use of Schools will be cancelled from March 14 to the end of June.

Will the board cancel out of province trips?
Yes, the board has cancelled all international and domestic school trips to the end of the school year.

​Is there any chance that schools will reopen sooner than the end of the school year, if the situation improves?
Education Minister Stephen Lecce announced on May 19, that school closures would be extended until the end of the school year, due to COVID-19. This will continue to be reviewed based on feedback from the Minister of Health.