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Trustees Eamer and Hart Not Seeking Re-election

Trustee for City of Cornwall and Glengarry County Ron Eamer and Trustee for the City of Brockville, Town of Smiths Falls and Leeds County Paula Hart, will both not seek re-election this fall.

Trustee Eamer is a longstanding member of the CDSBEO Board of Trustees, who has served Catholic education since 1981, when he joined the Stormont, Dundas, and Glengarry County Roman Catholic Separate School Board (SDGRCSSB). From 2001 to 2010, Trustee Eamer held the position of Board Chair with CDSBEO, as well as Vice-Chair in 2000, 2017 and 2018.

Extremely passionate about the students, their accomplishments, and ensuring their successes, he held a special fondness for those who benefitted most through alternative learning programs and felt sincere joy in seeing these students achieve a successful graduation outcome. In 2010, he was a recipient of the OCSTA Trustee Award of Merit for his outstanding contributions to Catholic education spanning nearly three decades at that time. Since 2011, he has been a member of the STEO Governance Committee, and in his time as Trustee, has attended many official school blessings, Bravo Breakfasts Awards, board events, and countless school visits. His many years of devoted service are an outstanding testament to his passion for Catholic education in Eastern Ontario.

Ron Eamer

“I would like to thank all CDSBEO employees at every level of this organization for their service each day – they are what make us so special. We are undoubtedly an amazing Board as measured against others across the province, and I am proud to have served as trustee, chair and vice-chair. Together, we are providing a caring, nurturing place, where students learn and build a foundation for the rest of their lives and supporting this learning has been a most fulfilling calling.”

Trustee Paula Hart, will also not be seeking re-election after her appointment in November 2021 as the Trustee for the City of Brockville, Town of Smiths Falls and Leeds County. Trustee Hart joined the Board of Trustees after a robust 30-year career in education. During her career, Trustee Hart taught at St. Mark (Prescott), and J.L. Jordan and St. John Bosco (Brockville), educated students through the Summer Learning Program, and held tenure as Acting Vice-Principal. Trustee Hart follows in the footsteps of her father, Glenn Morris, who served on the Board of Trustees with the LLGRCSSB prior to amalgamation from 1970 to 1998.

“Trustee Eamer’s governance of the schools of CDSBEO has seen us through transition that is as vast as it is historic. His influence will continue to be felt by us all for generations to come,” noted Director of Education Laurie Corrigan.

“Trustee Hart’s role as trustee, albeit for a short time, served us at a time where her support was greatly needed. We are grateful for their service to Catholic education, and we wish them both many blessings as they embark on new opportunities.”

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