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2024 CDSBEO SKLZ Culinary Competition

We’re thrilled to share the highlights of the recent CDSBEO Culinary Competition, where students from seven high schools displayed their culinary talents. With a total of 14 students competing, including representatives from St. Matthew CSS, Holy Trinity CSS, St. Joseph’s CSS, St. Mary CHS, St. Michael CHS, St. Thomas Aquinas CHS, and St. Francis Xavier CHS, the stage was set for an exciting day of cooking and creativity.

9:30 AM: Mystery Box Reveal

The competition kicked off with the mystery box reveal, where contestants learned that chicken would be the star ingredient in their dishes.

9:35 AM: Brainstorming Begins

Armed with laptops, students dove into brainstorming sessions, exploring various recipes and dishes to impress the judges.

9:50 AM: Special Twist Unveiled

A surprise twist added excitement to the competition as contestants were informed of a trip to the local Food Basics grocery store. With a budget of $40 and a time limit, teams rushed to purchase their ingredients for the challenge ahead.

10:30 AM: Cooking Commences

Back in the kitchen, the real action began as students rolled up their sleeves and got to work. From chopping to grilling, each team brought their culinary creations to life.

12:00 PM: Plating & Presenting

With the clock ticking, contestants carefully plated their dishes, paying attention to presentation and detail. Each creation was a testament to their skill and dedication.

12:05 PM: Judging & Cleaning

Judges Chef Christian Barque, Julia Graham, Linda Lofera, and Christine Gosbee sampled each dish, evaluating taste, presentation, and creativity. Meanwhile, contestants pitched in to clean up, wrapping up a successful day of competition.

Winners Announcement

After much deliberation, the winners were announced:

  • Gold: Ella Doyle and Brody Henry (St. Thomas Aquinas CHS)
  • Silver: Raymond Edouard and Cale Pettem (St. Matthew CSS)
  • Bronze: Makaela Powell and Rylin Gauvin (St. Francis Xavier CSS)

Congratulations to all the winners for their outstanding achievements! Your hard work and creativity truly shone through in your dishes. Keep up the fantastic work!

A heartfelt thank you to Mrs. McDermid, the hospitality students, participating schools, judges, and sponsors for making the event possible. The CDSBEO Culinary Competition was a true celebration of talent, teamwork, and creativity.

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