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CDSBEO Grade 7&8 Science Fair

This morning at St. Michael Catholic High School in Kemptville, Grade 7 & 8 students took part in the 2023 CDSBEO Science Fair. Judges from the Curriculum Team were joined by Board Vice-Chair Karen McAllister as participants outlined their findings, delving into projects related to innovation, experimentation, and research in a variety of fields.

Great work was presented by all participants. Special thanks goes out to our student judges from St. Michael Catholic High School!

Top Innovation

“Rain, Rain, Save us some Money!”
Vithushi Sureshkumar
Holy Trinity Catholic Secondary School

Top Research

“Impact of Swimwear on Speed”
Kenley Lindsay
St. Joseph Catholic Secondary School

Top Experiment

“Hydrogen – Fuel of the Future”
Alyssa Morena
CDSBEO Virtual Learning School

Top School

Holy Trinity Catholic Secondary School

Congratulations to all winners, and good luck in the upcoming regional science fairs!