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CDSBEO Indigenous Cultural Advisor Teaching History of the Wampum

On July 31, 2023, CDSBEO Indigenous Cultural Advisor Allen Smoke attended Wampum Educator’s Day at the Ganondagan State Historic Site’s Seneca Art & Culture Centre. This professional development program gave participating teachers an authentic understanding of Haudenosaunee culture and contemporary life, focusing on the history of Wampum and the significance of Wampum Belts in relation to treaties.

CDSBEO Indigenous Cultural Advisor Allen Smoke attending the Wampum Educator's Day.
CDSBEO Indigenous Cultural Advisor Allen Smoke holding up a Wampum Belt with two students.

In 2016, Ontario passed the first legislation of its kind in Canada declaring the first full week of November as Treaties Recognition Week. Treaties Recognition Week honours the importance of treaties and helps Ontario students and residents understand the significance of treaty rights, treaty relationships and their relevance today. In conjunction with this initiative, the CDSBEO Indigenous Education Team is excited to announce that Mr. Smoke will be visiting all secondary schools this November to teach students about the cultural, historical, and continued significance of Wampum Belts.

Staff and students pictured next to a new "We are all treaty people" banner in their school.

In addition, CDSBEO schools were provided with ‘We Are All Treaty People’ banners in May, to enhance learning about the rights and responsibilities we all have to each other as treaty people.