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CDSBEO Strategic Plan Update

Superintendents of School Effectiveness Brent Bovaird, Dawn Finnegan, Heather Gerber, and Norma McDonald presented an update on the CDSBEO Multi-Year Strategic Plan to highlight how the Board is realizing its strategic priorities. Anchored by four tenets: believing, protecting, learning, and nurturing, the plan guides the work that is done each day in CDSBEO schools and administrative offices.

Examples of the Board’s many engaging and robust opportunities for student learning were discussed along with examples of activities, events, professional development opportunities, faith-based celebrations, and other program and curriculum delivery achievements. This work aligns and fulfills the priorities outlined in the plan and provides tangible evidence of how CDSBEO schools are safe, welcoming, and inclusive environments where faith, equity, and the Catholic Social Teachings are embedded in all that we do.

“Tonight’s presentation was absolutely outstanding. You have brought our Board to life through these examples of the work being done by our students and staff in the school communities that each of us represent. Thank you so much for preparing this amazing presentation. We are extremely proud to see our strategic priorities come to life,” concluded Chair Wilson.

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