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CDSBEO Summer Learning Program Recap

In July, CDSBEO offered a three-week Summer Learning Program at many school locations for students in the primary and junior grades. Programming focused on literacy and numeracy and included a variety of learning experiences to increase engagement through embedded activities such as STEM education, well-being, field trips, games, arts and crafts, and physical activity.

Since 2010, the Council of Ontario Directors of Education (CODE), with funding from the Ministry of Education, has coordinated the organization of Summer Learning Programs (SLPs) in school boards across the province.

The aim of the Summer Learning Program is to minimize summer learning loss and increase confidence by supporting students who would benefit from engaging and interactive classes. Students who may be experiencing achievement gaps are encouraged to participate, as these learners would benefit from the reduction of learning loss over the summer break. The program inherently creates an ideal opportunity to boost student achievement, and students have fun as they learn.  

The CDSBEO would like to thank students and staff for making the 2022 Summer Learning Program a success!