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CDSBEO Week 2022

Monday, October 17 marks the beginning of CDSBEO Week! This year’s theme of “Together We Are God’s Good News!” will be celebrated in schools in various ways through prayer, lessons, and activities all week long. Each day, discussions will focus on a theme, which is based on the Board name.

Monday, October 17 – C for Community

Close your eyes and picture the people in your community…the neighbours, the workers, the people whose lives mix with your life each day. Consider how you interact with them, how you rely on them, how you offer your help to them, how they help you. 

Tuesday, October 18th – D for Diversity

Close your eyes and picture someone different from you. What are some things that make you unique from one another? What are some things that you have in common? Consider how boring the world would be if we were all the same, and how lucky we are to be lovingly created just as we are. 

Wednesday, October 19 – S for Student Voice

How can listening to others, and really hearing what they say, bring us closer together? 

Thursday, October 20 – B for Belonging

How does it make you feel to know that you belong? What can you do today to help someone else have that feeling? 

Friday, October 21 – EO for Every One

Everyone has a story. Everyone has a life…people who love them, things they worry about, hopes and fears. Consider how you can live in harmony with other people. How can you help to make the world a brighter place, right here, right now?