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Celebrating Success at the 2024 Eastern Ontario SKLZ Competition

On Tuesday, February 22, CDSBEO secondary students had the opportunity to be a part of the 22nd annual Eastern Ontario SKLZ Competition, held at the St. Lawrence College Cornwall Campus and the River Institute. With the participation of over 180 students from 23 secondary schools, the event was a vibrant showcase of talent, dedication, and the tremendous potential of our students.

In collaboration with the Upper Canada District School Board and staff at SLC Cornwall, the competition aimed to spotlight a variety of skills, promote trades, apprenticeships, and the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program. The atmosphere was buzzing as students showcased their skills in various competitions including welding, small engine repair, auto service, hairstyling, aesthetics, floral arrangements, TV/video, CAD design, photography, environmental initiatives, and job interviews.

CDSBEO students finished with amazing results in several divisions including:

  • Connor Kuleszka – St Joseph’s CSS – Bronze in Welding
  • Matt Bureau – St Joseph’s CSS – Silver in Small Engine Repair
  • Hailie Baron – St Matthew CSS – Silver in Hairstyling ($1,000 bursary from Elegance College)
  • Alysha Rothwell – St Matthew CSS – Bronze in Hairstyling ($500 bursary from Elegance College)
  • Marika Martin – Holy Trinity CSS – Bronze in Aesthetics
  • Kaitryn Allen – Holy Trinity CSS – Bronze in Job Interview
  • Grace O’Hara – Holy Trinity CSS – Gold in Job Interview
  • Glenn Pike – Holy Trinity CSS – Gold in Photography
  • Katie Cullen and Brendan Bedard – St Joseph’s CSS – Bronze in Environment
  • Sarah Spicer and Bree Campbell – St Joseph’s CSS – Gold in Environment

In addition, St. Joseph’s Catholic Secondary School was honoured with the prestigious Golden Framing Hammer from Milwaukee Tools for Best Overall Performance.

The competition will continue with the hammer and nails portion of events at the upcoming CDSBEO OYAP SKLZ at the Carpenters Union 93 facility in Ottawa. Scheduled for March 20, students will engage in various carpentry events including Team Carpentry, House Building, Individual Carpentry, and Cabinet Making.

In addition, the annual culinary event will be held on April 25th at St. Matthew CSS in Cornwall.

This year, we are thrilled to introduce a new addition to the competition! Our Student Success/OYAP Department will be registering winners in select events to represent the CDSBEO at the Skills Canada Competition in Toronto on May 6. This invaluable opportunity will allow students to learn from seasoned tradespeople, create connections, and showcase their talents on a provincial stage.

We extend our gratitude to all involved for their support and commitment to our students and the skilled trades.

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