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Computer Science Education Week 2023

December 4 through 10, CDSBEO will be celebrating and highlighting computer science learning throughout our classrooms, as students immerse themselves in discussion and learning around coding, robotics, and programming through engaging, hands-on activities all week long.

As the name implies, computer science is all about computers – how they work and the programming required to make them run. Each day, through the lens of various topics and themes, our students will learn firsthand the inner workings of technology and how it makes our modern world function. The week is an annual call to action to inspire K-12 students to learn computer science, advocate for equity, and celebrate the contributions of students, teachers, and partners to the field.

Some of the topics of focus will include:

  • Equity: the importance of diversity and inclusion in computer science and how it can lead to more innovative and equitable solutions, including the role of women in tech
  • AI: exploring artificial intelligence (AI), how to use it responsibly, and the pros and cons of AI
  • Careers: discussion around careers in computer science through guest speakers such as computer scientists, entrepreneurs, technology experts, and cyber safety experts
  • Indigenous Perspectives in Technology: learning about the importance of Indigenous perspectives in technology, the sharing of Indigenous stories, songs, language, art, and traditional food, and Indigenous cultural heritage being shared and preserved through technology
  • Cybersafety: learning how to become cyberheroes of the digital world by taking control of digital actions
  • Coding: learning about coding as schools host an “Hour of Code” event to explore micro:bit, Scratch, Lynx coding and hearing from professionals in the field

This diverse range of learning topics will provide students with many learning opportunities to celebrate Computer Science Education Week!

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