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New Sacred Heart Catholic School/St. Joseph Intermediate Program

In January, the Ministry of Education announced that it would fund the CDSBEO’s acquisition of the former General Vanier Secondary School from the UCDSB to accommodate a new consolidated JK-6 Catholic school for Sacred Heart/St. Columban’s, as well as a grade 7/8 program for St. Joseph Catholic Secondary School. The new 7/8 program would accommodate all grade 7 and 8 students from Bishop Macdonell, St. Anne, and the consolidated Sacred Heart/St. Columban Catholic Schools.

The new Sacred Heart Catholic School will be located in the General Vanier Secondary School building, located at 1500 Cumberland Street, Cornwall. The consolidated elementary school and the existing St. Joseph CSS, will be two distinct school facilities, with the advantage of a smooth transition for students entering the secondary program. This facility offers amazing opportunities for students at the elementary and intermediate levels.

Please see below for parent resources which highlight attendance boundary changes under the new consolidated plan. The General Vanier site will receive $2.2 million in renovations. The site will offer four new Kindergarten classrooms with separate outdoor play area, large double gymnasium, science labs, dedicated art, music and drama rooms, robotics room, large auditorium, cafeteria, and so much more!

Attendance Boundary Map


Transportation Eligibility

To access STEO’s BusPlanner 2018-2019 School And Transportation Eligibility tool, please visit: www.transportation.steo.ca

  1. Select 2018-2019 from the “School Year” drop-down menu
  2. Click on “Which School do I Attend?”
  3. Enter information in the “Street Number” and “Street Name” fields, and select the appropriate city, board, grade and program to determine eligibility for school attendance.