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OYAP Culinary Arts Skills Competition

The CDSBEO Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (OYAP) held their culinary arts skills competition at St. Luke Catholic High School in Smiths Falls on May 17, 2023. This annual event brings together students from various CDSBEO secondary schools for a day of friendly competition similar in format to the “Top Chef” style television shows, complete with a strict time limit and guest judges. 

The day began with an engaging session on food and its importance to Indigenous culture with guest speaker Nikki Auten. Auten, a passionate educator and knowledge sharer, discussed the relationship we have with food from an Indigenous perspective, inspiring students to think deeply about this relationship and how it impacts their culinary choices.

Students cooking at the 2023 culinary arts skills competition.
A finished plate of food.

Teams from St. Luke Catholic High School, St. Michael Catholic High School, St. Francis Xavier Catholic High School, and St. Joseph Catholic Secondary School squared off in a mystery box challenge. In the timed event, students had to produce dishes featuring flank steak, potatoes, and corn. In the kitchen students were in their element, taking charge and delivering fantastic results. It was apparent to judges that the culinary world is in good hands with these professional young chefs.

Congratulations to all participants and to the winners:

Bronze winners Samantha Naphan & Lynz Drozda


St. Michael Catholic High School
Samantha Naphan & Lynz Drozda

Silver winners Rylin Gauvin & Makaela Powel.


St. Francis Xavier Catholic High School
Rylin Gauvin & Makaela Powel

Gold winners Ava Bakker-White & Aitana Garcia Prat.


St. Joseph Catholic Secondary School
Ava Bakker-White & Aitana Garcia Prat

The CDSBEO would like to thank the entire staff at St Luke’s for their warm welcome, and to all our judges.

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