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Update: Power Outages

Currently, while 35 of 40 schools remain open, we still at present have five schools without power. As a result, the following five schools will not be open for students or staff for tomorrow (Tuesday, May 24):

  • Carleton Place: St. Mary Catholic School, St. Gregory Catholic School, Notre Dame CHS
  • Hammond: Pope John Paul II Catholic School, St. Francis Xavier CHS

We would kindly ask that parents share this information as well as they can with families that might not be able to receive it, because they are currently without power. We understand that many have been affected by the results of the severe thunderstorms which swept through much of Ontario and Quebec on Saturday, and we ask that parents and students exercise caution in areas that may still be affected by debris caused by the storm and follow local safety procedures for your region.

We will send additional information to families and staff of the five schools on Tuesday, as information becomes available.

Please note that there may be cancellations or delays with transportation routes across the jurisdiction. We would ask that all families check STEO updates and notifications in the morning for transportation updates.

While VLES students and staff may continue to work remotely, a number of them are also affected by the power outages, which may affect remote learning.

We understand that many students, families, and staff have been affected by the storm in ways that may preclude them from being able to attend school. Our focus is on their safety and its prioritization.

Disruption of Service

There are currently no service disruptions to report.